A Letter to My Brother

Your birthday just passed and I thought about you, but then I think about you a lot. I remember when you would visit Grandma and Grandpa when I lived with them. You walked in with your wife and little son. You always dressed up for grandma, you looked so handsome. I was so proud to… Read more »

Editorial—The Lost and the Missing

Yes, I know. It’s been a week and last week’s PDF still hasn’t been put up.  And what’s going on with the website, what happened to the Minds we Meet article I wrote about? The problem is that putting that article up was a bad call on my part. If you don’t know what I’m… Read more »

The Best University Degrees to Have

I have heard rumors and read some articles about how having a university degree these days does not guarantee reliable or high-paying employment.  Statistics show that, even though more Canadians are better-educated, there is lack of employment for people with degrees, “despite the evident successes in educating more Canadians, recent data indicates that increasingly worrisome… Read more »

Editorial—In a Rush

I over-estimated my abilities this week.  I told the candidates for the AUSU election that they could have until midnight on Thursday, Feb 20th, to get their responses to me.  I wanted to make sure they had as long as possible to consider their answers and maybe look into some things that AUSU was currently… Read more »

Worldwide Journalistic Crisis

Recent reports reveal that, despite violence, 2019 was statistically much safer for journalists than previous years.  Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a Paris-based NGO, reported the deaths of forty-nine journalists worldwide, the lowest death toll in sixteen years.  Founded in 1985 in Montpellier, France, RSF defends and promotes freedom of information in the journalism industry.  2020’s… Read more »

Asking the Candidates!

The AUSU election is coming up, and while distance education makes a lot of things possible, it can make figuring out who to vote for a bit of a challenge.  AU does not really have a centre point that students congregate in and that can be used to easily deliver messages to the student body. … Read more »

Changes to your 2020 CRA Tax Returns

Tax season is coming up, not too soon but soon enough to start thinking about it.  We all should know that April 30 is the deadline to get your taxes in.  There are important changes to the CRA tax year, what you can claim, and eligibility.  Here is one important new update you should know,… Read more »