The Digital Evolution of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is defined as a crime that involves recruiting and exploiting individuals by means of force, fraud, or coercion for the purposes of commercial sex, labor, or services.  After drugs and the arms trade, human trafficking is the third most profitable business for organized crime.  While the act of trafficking a person has not… Read more »

A Woman’s Guide to Making Ourselves Lovable

I’m pretty sure that the more we focus our thoughts on love, the more lovely we become, and the lovelier others appear in our eyes.  So when another female comes into our vision, fixate on her.  Think to ourselves, “I desire to spend the rest of my life with her.” And then smile and even… Read more »

Editorial—Cheating the System

Cheating is nothing new.  It’s probably been happening since the first time someone had to demonstrate their knowledge and simply weren’t ready to do so.  And there’s always been a bit of an arms race between those who want to cheat and those tasked with stopping it (typically the teachers).  But with the pandemic, it’s… Read more »

Quick Homemade is Better—Afterschool Snack

I know many of you out there have little one’s running around at home, and some may even have school aged children.  A few weeks ago, my youngest and I were playing around and came up with a super simple after school snack.  Sometimes the simplest snacks are the best.  They’re quick, you can fancy… Read more »

Why We Should Befriend Nature

For most of my life, my idea of nature was a peanut in a Snicker’s bar.  Blindly, I missed out on nature’s worlds of mysterious beauty, of sacredness, and of friendships with unlikely souls. I saw a clip about a 97-year-old man who wrote philosophy books, one of which was on dying.  He seemed a… Read more »

Negotiation—All About Wheeling and Dealing?

Everyone wants to get ahead in life, but the question is how.  Wheeling and dealing is often thought of as the act of making a profit or getting an advantage by deceiving people or breaking the rules.  Pop culture music and films reaffirm that the road to riches is paved on the far side of… Read more »

Kitchen Gadgets—Air Fryer Review

After abstaining from adding to my kitchen appliance collection, I caved when I saw a favorite air fryer brand on sale for pre-Black Friday shopping. While I’d heard excellent reviews about air friers, I was a little skeptical about the idea myself. I’ve always pan-fried most of my recipes, with the occasional deep-frying to satisfy… Read more »


Our main feature will always be an interview with a fellow student, if I can get it. This week is no exception, as we talk to Angel Kassem, a business student who didn’t at first intend to be taking her business degree but found her AU coursework in the HR field compelling enough to make… Read more »