Editorial—The Re-Imagining of Convocation

For those of you who are taking in the events of the re-imagined, virtual convocation, my congratulations to you!  For me, the day started off a bit frustrating as I came to realize there was no way for random spectators, such as myself, to attend the event and watch what was happening. During past convocations,… Read more »

Should you Learn a Foreign Language?

Canada is a bilingual country, officially.  The numbers of bilingual or multilingual people are increasing in Canada as the world becomes more globalized.  There are 920 million native Mandarin speakers, 463 million native Spanish speakers, and 342 million native Hindi speakers in the world.  These are typically cited as the most international, or useful, languages… Read more »

Editorial—Thunderbolts & Lightning, Very Very Frightening!

While I try to avoid thinking too much about what’s going on in the United States, especially as they get closer to the election, I’ve caught myself sympathizing with Trump supporters lately.  It’s very strange, but I’ve started to realize that when I hear yet another tale of something outrageous that Mr. Trump has done,… Read more »

Four Financially Savvy Tips for the Pandemic (And Beyond!)

Personal finances can be a tricky subject. For AU students taking on student loans, juggling multiple jobs, and supporting dependents, money can be a topic that induces anxiety and stress. Moreover, with the global financial downturn and pandemic predicament, many have struggled  to make ends meet in the past few months. As a student I… Read more »

Re-Imagining Childhood Favourites

Hurrying down Toronto’s Church Street, I suddenly stopped midstride.  Looking down, I smiled, as I saw my feet placed firmly on the rainbow crosswalk.  After years away, I was finally home. Life in Toronto is often hectic, expensive, and at times, extremely lonely.  Many Torontonians, including myself, leave for various reasons, but a large number… Read more »

How Not to Commit Suicide

I don’t believe suicide is the end.  I’ve watched many near-death experience accounts and believe there exists an afterlife.  I’ve seen near death experience tales where the temporarily deceased claim they go into an afterlife, even if the person was atheistic.  These tales say that unconditional love, overwhelmingly beautiful light, and limitless knowledge comprise much… Read more »

The Aging Process—A Lifestyle Approach to Looking Young

Every year, people around the world spend over $500 billion on beauty products.  We find ourselves living during a time where appearance seems to be everything.  The advertisers and marketers want to convince you that their expensive products will make you look younger, but I say save your money.  The key to looking younger longer… Read more »