The Study Dude—Study Like a Biology Olympian

Why study for an International Biology Olympiad? After all, it’s a high school competition and if we’re at AU we’re well beyond that, aren’t we?  But studying for mastery gears us for goals. The skills that we’d learn practicing for something as intense as an Olympiad would surely translate into better habits for all our… Read more »

Women of Interest—Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Rebecca Lee Crumpler was born Rebecca Davies on February 8, 1831 in Christiana, Delaware and died March 9, 1895 in Hyde Park Boston, Massachusetts.  Crumpler was raised by her aunt, who cared for many of the sick in her neighbourhood. Following her graduation from school, Crumpler worked as a nurse for eight years until 1860… Read more »

The Fit Student—Nature’s Cure for Midlife

Certain woes mother nature clearly intended.  To treat these woes, go natural, not medicinal. To illustrate, mother nature willed menopause onto all women.  That’s half the world’s population.  So, I argue it’s best to treat menopause naturally—but long before it hits.  Especially before the hot flashes. So, why naturally, not medicinally? For one, hot flashes… Read more »

Course Exam—Comp 390 (Computer Graphics)

COMP 390 (Computer Graphics) is a three-credit senior-level computer science course that introduces the concepts and implementation of computer graphics.  As one of the important subject areas of the study of computer science and information systems, this course focuses on the theoretical aspects and implementation of computer graphics using OpenGL Students should note that COMP… Read more »

Dear Barb—College Conundrum

Dear Barb: I am in my second year of university and really hating the courses I’m in.  My marks have been good, and my parents are happy that I’m doing so well.  Every time I see them they talk about how proud they are of me and what a great future I will have.  I… Read more »

In Conversation—with Rebel Rampage

Rebel Rampage is a California-based power trio with an outspoken rancour for the current American leadership.  Their mission statement is “Armed with words and music to resist oppression by the government and inspire change for equality and justice,” and they were active in drumming up opposition to the Republican Party in the recent midterm elections…. Read more »

Fly on the Wall—A Simmel Plan

At Cirque de Soleil last week a unique opportunity presented itself: during intermission I gazed upward at a sea of audience faces entranced and captivated by the show and then over at the stage performers enraptured by the craft of their art.  In this moment I attained a perfect middle between subject and object. It… Read more »

The Creative Spark!—The Secret to Crafting Fine Art Exhibits

Do you have an inner artist?  A wannabe designer who never got over kindergarten finger paints?  A tech happy tinkerer who wants to mold a NASA jet propeller? Ever since I saw my first Banff Centre art installment, I fell in love.  The abstract messages in each design made you think.  The digital clown laughing,… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Good vs. Bad Coffee: How to Tell?

Prior to starting university, I rarely drank coffee.  In fact, being an underweight, 5’3 sized girl meant my body was highly sensitive to caffeine.  One sip would cause a cascade of events some of which involved jittering, anxiety, and headaches.  However, the strong culture of caffeine on university campuses and in the professional workplace initiated… Read more »