The Not-So Starving Student—Change Up Your Breakfast Routine

Bored of your classic cereal for breakfast? Want some flair without having to prepare an extravagant breakfast?  COVID-19 has given me the opportunity to explore more diverse breakfast options without resorting to the most efficient, bland-tasting breakfast.  Lately, having the urge to try something different for breakfast, I’ve created several recipes that might help with… Read more »

Homemade is Better—Creamy Coleslaw

Coleslaw is always better the next day, but, in our house, we rarely make coleslaw days ahead.  So this is a bit of a cheater recipe.  We adapted this recipe from a few other recipes we’ve seen, and my wife and I make it slightly different from each other.  For example, she likes to add… Read more »

Dear Barb—Selfish Concern

Dear Barb: Hi, I am 19 years old and my mom was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Mom’s a single parent and I am her only child.  We have always been very close and get along well.  She has had a lot of symptoms, but we weren’t sure exactly what was causing them.  The MS… Read more »

The Creative Spark—How to Make Your Three-Act Structure Rock

Do you want to write sizzling stories? I have a confession.  I want to write Christian or inspirational fiction.  Yet, I sleep through movies.  I prefer my friend’s two-minute movie summaries over watching the shows.  Since I became of age, I have read four—yes, four—fiction books.  To put it in perspective, I read four fiction… Read more »

Beats from the Basement—Santana

Album: Supernatural Artist: Santana My feet have a mind of their own whenever Spanish-language music plays.  Whether it is the Gipsy King’s fleeting flamenco or Gloria Estefan’s frisky freestyle, the romantic in me soars beyond the ballroom floor.  Latin rock adds even more flavour to the Spanish-speaking world’s many genres, though it wasn’t until guitarist-songwriter… Read more »