Course Exam—MKTG 396

MKTG 396 (Introduction to Marketing) is a three-credit upper-level business and administrative studies course that introduces students to marketing concepts, frameworks, and institutions.  Students will also examine the influence of recent developments in the Canadian economy and society on marketing activities and on the management of individual organizations.  This course will help students understand the… Read more »

Dear Barb—Until It’s Gone

Dear Barb: I am a part time student and the mother of three young children.  My father is in the final stages of colon cancer and he and my mom are struggling.  I have always been close to my parents, but my brother hasn’t.  For the most part he has been estranged from the family. … Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Finding the Canadian That We Are

Jacques Derrida’s book, The Politics of Friendship, spends a swathe of papyrus exploring and questioning the work of Carl Schmitt’s The Concept of the Political.  Schmitt claimed that, going all the way back to ancient Athens, there were two types of social conflict: the first, stasis, involved rigorous debate and argument between members of one… Read more »

The Not-So-Starving Student—Visiting the Cup Ramen Museum

I recall my obsession with cup ramen at a young age. It was a miraculous invention, being able to open a plastic cup with what appears to be plastic noodles and, with some boiling water, transform the contents into miraculous ramen. If you’re a busy student, instant ramen saves countless hours of meal prep and… Read more »

The Study Dude—Why Academia Needs the Broken-hearted

How might love, comedy, kindness, beauty—whatever defines your soul—fit into your research assignment?  Shouldn’t you be an aloof observer writing as objectively as possible?  Well, take heart from the world of fundraising: “When you as a non-profit fundraising or communications professional sit down to write something for your donor audience, you might take on the… Read more »

Course Exam—PSYC 379

PSYC 379 (Social Psychology) is a three-credit, upper level psychology course that is designed to introduce students to the field of social psychology—the scientific study of how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours influence and are influenced by other people in social situations. The course covers basic theories, concepts, and research about individual processes (e.g., attitude… Read more »

Dear Barb—Relationships’ End

Dear Barb: I have been dating my girlfriend for three months.  We get along great and have lots of common interests.  I just assumed we were exclusive, but apparently not.  She thinks we should be dating other people because, according to her, it is too early in our relationship to limit ourselves to just dating… Read more »