Flicks & Folios

Most of the time I watch films that have able-bodied characters – don’t we all? But Door to Door is a whole different – and delightful – kettle of film. The star, William H. Macy, is the humble, cerebral palsy victim Bill Porter. His appearance won’t win him any Academy Awards but his acting did!… Read more »

From My Perspective

For the first two parts of Debbie’s story, see The Voice April 2nd [v11 i14] and April 16th [v11 i16] issues. Being laid off was a traumatic experience, and I spent the first few days in shock. My immediate concern, of course, was how we would manage financially. But to my surprise…I was eligible for… Read more »


NEW PROGRAM HELPS POST-SECONDARY GRADS LAUNCH CAREERS University of Victoria News Release For many post-secondary graduates, making the transition from school to the workplace can be difficult. However, thanks to a $680,000 grant from The Counselling Foundation of Canada, UVic is offering a new career program that allows grads from UVic and other post-secondary institutions… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Harley Davidson and the Marlborough Man

“He ain’t no cowboy – more like a pretty boy”, the tough Native American in the bar cracks to “Marlboro Man.” So goes poor Don Johnson’s life”?resigned to have to club all the men in the face or put up with character descriptions that are anything but masculine. Don’s TV career was inevitably a success…. Read more »

From My Perspective – Single Parenting, My Story [Pt. 2]

My children were small, and for the most part I could immerse myself in their lives and remain satisfied. I wanted them to have the opportunity to develop their artistic talents, so I became very involved in their dance classes by playing piano for ballet, sewing costumes, coaching music – anything that would help pay… Read more »


COLLEGES CONTRIBUTE MILLIONS TO CAPITAL REGION ECONOMY NAIT News Release Edmonton, February 3, 2003 – Grant MacEwan College, NAIT and NorQuest contribute over $815 million annually to the Capital Region economy, according to a province-wide study released today. Over 27,500 jobs in the region are directly or indirectly dependent on the three institutes. : The… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

Tough Times Coming for AU Students The Alberta Government released its latest budget documents this past week, and what they say may not prove to be the greatest news for Athabasca University. To begin with, let’s start with a look at the Education section (i) of the budget. In this section, they point out things… Read more »

Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra, Hi, I’m a first year student and I’m very confused about what courses I should be taking. I am in the 4-Year BA program. HELP!! Dazed & Confused in BC Dear Dazed & Confused, You aren’t the first student I’ve heard this complaint from; in fact I myself was in this same position… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

Educating Rita.. and Jane, and Nancy, and.. Statistics Canada has recently released ( a report showing enrolment trends in University. The gist of it is that the number of women starting to take post-secondary education is increasing much faster than the number of men, that mathematics and physical sciences are the areas experiencing the highest… Read more »