Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation…

Saskatchewan, Heal Thyself Wary of the so-called “Brain Drain” ( medical professionals, Saskatchewan has embarked on a plan to ensure that they manage to keep their health care workers. The next instalment of this plan was recently announced ( by the Saskatchewan government, and the program seems to be ramping up. The program is one… Read more »

Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra, Does AU have mementos that students can purchase to remember their experience at AU? I’m completing my last course at the end of the month and I’d like a little something to remind me of my time here. Sincerely, J. from Calgary Dear J. Congratulations on completing your studies! Your greatest mementos will… Read more »

Primetime Update

Week of October 31, 2003 Amanda Lyn Baldwin Missed your favorite shows? No problem. Primetime updated gives you the rundown on what happened on TV this week. Due to circumstances beyond her control, Amanda was unable to do the Primetime Update column this week. Please use the following links to obtain information on these program,… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

Arrgh, me Mateys! So it seems yer Federal Government types ‘ave come up wi’ a new bill to keep the likes o’ you an’ me from piratin’ satellites (! And I’m sure thar’s many a pirate out there who’ll be sorely disappointed by this new bill, as there warn’t nothin’ like sailin’ the sea o’… Read more »

The Net Nerd’s Profiles

What in the hell does pi mean? You better rethink that math course or visit Ah math, my old nemesis. Yes you beat me in grades 9, 10,12 and twice in 11, but I can take you now:I think. Excuse me while I talk to myself (love that Dr. Evil voice). Although I’m far… Read more »

AUSU This Month

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS The AUSU Legislative Committee is looking for active members who can help us create and change AUSU policy for the benefit of all our members. We need volunteers who have a good sense of right and wrong, who are able to understand policy documents, who can extrapolate well to predict… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Book Review: The Bible Code II

This book, if all points prove true, could easily be the scariest book ever written. Author Michael Drosnin is a hard-core journalist who proclaims he is not religious; therefore the bible should mean nothing to him on a spiritual level, and in fact Drosnin met with Dr. Eli Rips, the Bible Code’s discoverer, as a… Read more »

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – Course Alert, PSYC 375

This column will focus on educational issues affecting post-secondary students. It will address a wide range of topics. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions and educational topics they are concerned about, along with any personal experiences with courses or university situations they feel other students should know about. COURSE ALERT : A new required course… Read more »

Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra, I have been “single” since a tough divorce two years ago. I loved my husband and he broke my heart by leaving me for our neighbor, a widow. I’m currently enrolled at AU working full-time (5 courses every 6 months) toward a Bachelor of General Studies degree. I don’t have much free time… Read more »

Primetime Update

Week of October 24, 2003 Missed your favorite shows? No problem. Primetime updated gives you the rundown on what happened on TV this week. Friends This week’s episode was supposed to be titled, “The one with the cake.” However, as luck would have it, the network decided to show en episode from last season in… Read more »