Dear Barb—Wedding Miss?

Dear Barb: Greg and I have been together five years and moved in together two years ago.  We have just finished our degrees, have landed good jobs, and are anxious to begin a future together.  Eventually we want to have children, but have decided to purchase a house first.  Everything is great between us until… Read more »

The Study Dude—Study Tips to Thrive—and Survive!

If you bombed your first year of university, don’t fret.  You can still survive and thrive.  You don’t need an Einsteinian brain either, but instead, a rigorous work ethic.  And if you go to both AU and a physical university, I have a tip on how you can survive a nasty safe space. Here are… Read more »

Porkpie Hat—Some Kind of Special

I’m seventeen years old, camping at Moses Lake with my best friends in the world.  We spend the weekend sitting around the campfire, telling bullshit stories, and drinking warm beer.  Josie has her beat-up acoustic guitar and we’re singing along to “Gold Dust Woman,” “Space Oddity,” and “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”  Ginny and I go… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Vegas Buffet Review, Part 2

For those looking for a graduation splurge or even a celebratory vacation for the end of the semester, Las Vegas should be an option worth considering.  For those who follow this blog series, you will have known that one of the highlights of my trips to the sin city is actually to feast at the… Read more »

Is Medical Marijuana a Hoax?

My doctor tried selling me on marijuana for anxiety.  I shouted “No!” After all, “cannabis use can cause anxiety or panic” (Government of Canada, Cannabis in Canada: Get the Facts).  Plus, “using cannabis regularly and continuously over time makes you more likely to experience anxiety, depression, psychosis, and schizophrenia” (Government of Canada, Cannabis in Canada:… Read more »

Course Exam—HRMT 387

HRMT 387 (Strategic Human Resource Management) is a three-credit upper-level business and administrative studies course that was designed to complement HRMT 386 / ORGB 386 (Introduction to Human Resource Management) or a similar course offered at another institution.  As a result, HRMT 387 is not designed to cover all human resource management or employee relations… Read more »

Dear Barb—The Failing Grade

Dear Barb: Hi, I am just finishing my first year of university and I didn’t do well.  I am failing most of my courses and I don’t think school is for me.  The problem is my parents made such a big deal about me going to university, since I was the only one of three… Read more »

Porkpie Hat—In Praise of the Polymath

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—The Sky’s the Limit

Birds, bees, plants and humans all love the onrush of spring as the life forces of growth gain momentum.  Everything seems exuberant and energetic and, if you’re like me, you’re probably enjoying more outdoor activities as a pause from your coursework.  I mean, we might enjoy AU but typically it still means we’re stuck inside… Read more »

The Study Dude—When Your University Muzzles You

You can get straight A’s at the university, no matter what your current performance looks like.  But don’t get disillusioned once you reach the top.  Universities may muzzle your creativity.  But you can still upset the status quo—especially with a routine of rest, exercise, and outside interests related to your major. Be warned that universities… Read more »