Primetime Update

Week of October 3, 2003 Missed your favorite shows? No problem. Primetime updated gives you the rundown on what happened on TV this week. Friends Last week we left the show with Joey and Rachel sharing a “goodnight kiss” with Ross looking on from the doorway. This week’s episode centers on Ross’s inability to deal… Read more »

The Net Nerd’s Profiles

Wondering what’s going on in the Distance Ed world? Seek out This website is found within the dusty, dark corridors of the Athabasca University web site. If any of you are like me, navigating the AU website is a time consuming process, so for the next few columns I’ll be reviewing some of the… Read more »

AUSU This Month

Special Bylaw AGM to be held October 15 1800 MST. For details go to: AUSU IN PERSON DISCUSSION GROUPS Getting together physically with fellow AU students adds to your university experience. Other students will be able to understand and relate to the joys and frustrations of distance learning. It’s also a way to stay… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Book Review: East of Eden

East of Eden is my first review of an Oprah Book Club selection, and I’ve only read one other book she chose. Most of them seem to be overloaded with description and that leaves me in “word shock.” Glancing through some of her other selected books, I found it took an hour to digest a… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

More Buildings in Manitoba The Manitoba Provincial Government is pleased to announce ( the opening of a new Health Studies Complex at Brandon University. Costing the government five million dollars, this building will house multiple programs including the bachelor of nursing program which is being transferred from the University of Manitoba, a psychiatric nursing program,… Read more »

Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra, I’m a first time parent going through the horrible threes! I’ve always heard the expression “terrible twos” but when my daughter was two everything was great. Since turning three, however, she has become a constant state of irritation for me. I don’t seem to cut her sandwiches the right way and I always… Read more »

NEW COLUMN – Primetime Update

Week of September 19, 2003 Missed your favorite shows? No problem. Primetime updated gives you the rundown on what happened on TV this week, including the much anticipated Survivor: Pearl Islands premiere. Survivor: Pearl Islands SEASON PREMIERE Thursday night brought us the 7th rendition of this castaway adventure in a new setting, with new competitors,… Read more »

Sounding Off – More provincial quirks

Here is another submission to our list of provincial quirks (, which began with Wayne Benedict’s article two weeks ago. Anyone who has a list of their own to contribute can send it to Saskatchewan vs Ontario I lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, for 14 years. Now I am back in Ontario. Here are some… Read more »

The Net Nerd’s Profiles

Need Study Resources and Term Paper Help? Try… If you have question about your career or education future, this is the site to visit. It has a comprehensive, if somewhat intimidating, amount of information. The resources are divided into eight categories: Careers, community, counseling, education, health, jobsearch, money and reference. It is a very… Read more »