Biosciences Growing in Ottawa The Government of Ottawa is investing thirty million dollars [SEE:] in building space for 1,500 more students at the University of Ottawa. This means that these seats will cost approximately $20,000 per student, actually, the cost is somewhat less as some of that money will be going into the renewal… Read more »

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As AU students, most of us are working towards a degree with the hope that we will find a new career, a job in a field that we enjoy, where our talents and abilities are utilized to the maximum. Many of us have experienced the daily grind of having to work at a job we… Read more »

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Students Need More, Government Pays Less The Government of Canada has released an Actuarial Report ( on the Canada Student Loans Program. This report is designed to predict what the Student Loan program will cost up to the year 2025 and what kind of effects it will have on students. The results are not pretty…. Read more »


You’re a Thief At least, that’s what the music industry believes. They’ve organized into a group calling themselves the CPCC, or Canadian Private Copying Collective (, and have already successfully lobbied the government to change the Copyright Act so that they can claim fees on blank cassette tapes, CD-R/RWs, and removable hard drives. Now they’re… Read more »

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Costs of Kyoto The Alberta Government has released a study ( showing that the cost of Kyoto could be as high as $40 billion dollars, with the Alberta economy suffering as much as 5.5 billion dollars per year. Reading through the press release though, it quickly becomes apparent that this damage also includes estimates of… Read more »

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BC’s Hike Beats Alberta’s Another province is starting to address the supply side of the health-care difficulties that Canada is going through. British Columbia has announced ( a program which will almost double the number of doctors that they graduate each year. The government is chipping in the $134 million that it will cost to… Read more »

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Canada Taking Steps against Third World Debt The Honourable Minister of Finance, Paul Martin, has announced that Canada is cancelling the debt owed to it by Tanzania. One of the poorest countries in the world, Tanzania owed Canada approximately 83 million dollars. This debt cancellation means that Tanzania can now use the interest that would… Read more »

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Dumbing Down in Ontario Over twenty-three million dollars was given to Ontario Universities this year based on their performance as judged by the Ontario Government. The performance of the Universities was measured on three key indicators: the graduation rate of students the six month employment rate of graduates from undergraduate programs the two year employment… Read more »

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Practice what you Preach The Canadian International Development Agency (or CIDA) has just released ( Online Learning Course about Gender Equality. Now what we need to do is get Prime Minister Jean Chretien to sit down and take it. After his last cabinet shuffle, some Liberal members have taken the Prime Minister to task for… Read more »

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Saskatchewan Taking Action Like most provinces, Saskatchewan is dealing with its own problems in the medical department. One of the major problems is staffing. Alberta’s answer is to concentrate on offering better and better incentive plans – in effect, competing harder for the scarce resources. Saskatchewan is taking a different approach, though. Rather than simply… Read more »