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THIS WEEK RateMyProfessors.com – It’s quickly becoming the most talked about web site for students in the US in Canada. Find out what RateMyProfessors.com can do ease the peer-support drought afflicting distance education students. Good China – family heirlooms should be for the pleasure of the family. Review – Think Tank by Blur – Not… Read more »

Tutor Demands: Variations And Frustrations

I have been taking courses, off and on, through Athabasca University since 1996 and for the most part I love to learn through distance education. In fact, distance education is an old friend of mine. I experienced difficulties in high school due to my own lack of self-discipline and rebellious attitude toward authority figures”?teachers in… Read more »

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THIS WEEK EDUCATION – From Communism To Free Enterprise – New Voice writer, Jana Thurova, talks about how education has changed in Slovakia with the fall of communism, and how North American education compares. GRADUATION – What Comes Next? – Debbie Jabbour learns that earning a degree is only half the battle. BRYON PAEGE MEMORIAL… Read more »

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HAPPY CANADA DAY! This week: 2 New Graduate Profiles Sounding Off – I asked for your opinions on the legalization of gay marriages, and you had plenty to say! Nature Notes – Nothing says spring like butterflies: And much more: Congratulations Canada, on turning 136! July 1st marks another Canadian birthday, and the end of… Read more »

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THIS WEEK: Convocation photo album, part 2 – Sandra Moore’s convocation report and photos. See last week’s issue as well for the whole story. AU’s convocation report, from The Insider AUSU Moves – AUSU has a new office. Read Debbie Jabbour’s report to find out about the new space, and see pictures of your AUSU… Read more »

Convocation 2003 – Photo Special – part 2

For full convocation coverage, see last week’s Voice issue for part one of this picture special, and for Debbie Jabbour’s personal convocation experience. This week look for AU’s own convocation report from The Insider and another graduate profile [more to follow in the coming weeks] Once outside of the doors they followed a Scottish piper… Read more »

Convocation 2003 – Photo Special

Be sure to read The Voice next week for complete convocation coverage, and many more photos. This week, part 1 : What’s it like to graduate? As a member of the Athabasca University Students’ Union (AUSU) I was invited to attend this year’s convocation, Saturday, June 14th and I had the chance to finally put… Read more »

Convocation 2003: Address by the Graduate

Ramona DeRose was chosen to give this year’s Address by the Graduate. She has been kind enough to share her address with the Voice readers, and all those grads who were unable to attend this year’s convocation. Mr. Chairman Mr. President Elected Officials Distinguished Guests Members of the Platform Party Graduates Ladies and Gentlemen Today… Read more »

From My Perspective – Graduation Special – The Class of 2003

Author’s note: This is the third of three articles that will detail three very special and very different graduation experiences. I have the privilege this year of participating in three graduations – my youngest daughter has graduated from high school, my second eldest daughter has graduated from university, and I graduated on June 14! Each… Read more »


Convocation is here! SUPPORT AU GRADS. Send your best wishes for our graduating class, to be published in the next Voice. I will also forward best wishes up to the AUSU office to be taken to convocation, if there is time. Let them know how proud of them we all are. The Voice would like… Read more »