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Convocation is almost here! For an upcoming Sounding Off column, send us your congratulatory messages for this year’s grads, or, if you are graduating, tell us what convocation means to you! Friday, June 13m – Convocation – Graduate Ceremony Saturday, June 14 – Convocation – Undergraduate Ceremony THIS WEEK THE AUSU 10TH ANNIVERSARY AGM –… Read more »

10th Anniversary AGM – Special Report

On May 24, 2003, AUSU held our 10th Anniversary AGM, at the Edmonton Learning Centre at 4 PM M.S.T. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Edmonton, with the temperature above 25 degrees celsius. In addition to all seven Council members, Mac, Karl, Shirley, Sandra, Nick, Karie-Anne and myself; and two staff members who are… Read more »

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EDITORIAL PAGES THE VOICE: 1993 – 2003 10 YEARS AS YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER THIS WEEK NEW AU PROGRAM – The AU Masters of Nursing is Canada’s first online-only opportunity to obtain this high-demand degree Fiction Feature – Poetry by Shahzadi Bhatti Bass Lessons and Gratitude – Musings on the philosophy of giving: by Debbie Jabbour… Read more »

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THE VOICE: 1993 – 2003 10 YEARS AS YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER THIS WEEK Just CAUS: Newly appointed CAUS Chair and VP of AUSU, Shirley Barg, starts a new column to inform you of what is happening with post-secondary education in Alberta. Expect coverage of government policy changes, funding issues, and CAUS initiatives throughout the province…. Read more »


The Post-Secondary Learning Act, also known as Bill 43, received first reading in legislature last week before being tabled until fall. The Act is an attempt by the government to combine the Universities Act with acts governing other post-secondary institutes in the province. In putting forward Bill 43, the Alberta government seems to have found… Read more »

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Student: Carolyn Ann Vaughan Hi Carolyn. Thanks for volunteering for AU Profiles! Tell us about where you live, and your family: I currently live in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia. It is about a two-hour drive from the major city of Halifax Nova Scotia. Incidentally, I am an eighth generation Vaughan in Nova Scotia, directly descended… Read more »

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THE VOICE: 1993 – 2003 10 YEARS AS YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER THIS WEEK The Voice introduces a new fiction writer, Carolyn Vaughan. Read part one of her dark tale about an overworked nurse kept too long on the night shift, then read more about Carolyn in AU Profiles. If you would like to be featured… Read more »

The Paper – A Look At The Very First Issue of The Voice

Throughout the month of May, the voice will be celebrating its 10th year in publication. Each week I’ll be delving into the archives to provide a retrospective of our paper, and by extension, the factors affecting AU students throughout the past decade. Many changes in school and government policy have taken place over this time… Read more »

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THIS WEEK THE VOICE: 1993 – 2003; 10 YEARS AS YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER SPECIAL FEATURE: THE PAPER Join us for a retrospective reading of the very first issue of The Voice, then known as The Paper. How much as changed, and how can a study of the past prepare us for the future? SOUNDING OFF… Read more »