An Interview with the Minister—November 21, 2018

For those who aren’t aware, some of the key points of Bill 19 – An Act to Improve the Affordability and Accessibility of Post-Secondary Education are that it puts language controlling tuition directly in the legislation, where it has to be subject to public debate if it’s going to be adjusted, and ties tuition and… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—November 11, 2018

Behind ideas and actions lie belief systems; in times of war, philosophies have mortal consequences.  Veterans spent so much of their life’s vigour and vim because they believed in ideals of duty, democracy, nation, and honour; in short, everything that makes our society free.  Our liberty to study and flourish today exists because of these… Read more »

Preventing Burnout

The diabolical signs of study burnout range from depression and a feeling of dread every time you have a deadline looming to chronic fatigue.  Often these symptoms creep up on you because you’re so busy you don’t take time to notice until you suddenly have a meltdown.  It’s important to take a break and examine… Read more »

Athabasca University’s Faculty Bargain Process Continues

Contract talks at Athabasca University have been ongoing for several months. However, most of the AU student community is unaware these talks are taking place and is also unaware of what they entail.  They are between AU and AU’s teaching faculty and professional staff, which include the IT staff, librarians, university relations, and the registrar’s… Read more »

Meeting the Minds—Interviews with AU’s Educators

Doctor Jeff Chang, Ph.D., R.Psych., is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University.  He is the Program Director of the Master of Counselling Psychology program at AU.  He joined the AU community in 2007.  Here we explore his life and work with AU. What is your personal and family background?… Read more »

Love Beyond Tragedy

On September 15, 2018 we attended the wedding of Jenn, my brother’s granddaughter.  A few years earlier my sisters and I had been reunited with my brother Lyle and his family, following a long estrangement. When Lyle became ill, we were grateful to Jenn for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to spend some… Read more »

Savouring Autumn’s Sensual Delights

The cooler month of October has arrived on our Canadian soil and perhaps with it an early winter blizzard.  But snow and studies shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying everything the autumn season has to offer.  From unleashing your wildest Halloween costume ideas to enhancing your yoga session with a pumpkin scented candle, fall is the… Read more »

From Murder to Meaning

The power of one moment, one word. The moment: Easter Monday, 1978.  The moment Margot Van Sluytman’s father was murdered while attempting to stop an armed robbery. The word: sawbonna.  A Zulu greeting that translates to “I see you”.  To see our shared humanity, the goodness in one another, our fragility.  The way Van Sluytman… Read more »

Meeting the Minds—Jodi Campbell, Executive Director of AUSU

Jodi Campbell is the Executive Director of the Athabasca University Students’ Union.  Originally from BC, he grew up in the Lloydminster area and eventually moved to Edmonton in 2002 where he attended MacEwan University and graduated from the School of Business in 2006.  He started working for MacEwan University as a Consultant/Advisor for the School… Read more »