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THIS WEEK FROM WHERE I SIT – New contributor Hazel Anaka’s back in school. NATURE NOTES – Do you have to travel to warmer climes in order to have a vacation? Zoe Dalton offers some cold-weather alternatives that might just bring the peace of mind you are seeking. FROM MY PERSPECTIVE – Debbie Jabbour attended… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Back to School

Last November after too many years of considering and then dismissing the notion, I enrolled in university. Not full-time, not in person. I chose the only alternative that made sense for me at this particular age and stage of my life. I chose distance learning through Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University. When my box of… Read more »

New Horizons… A New Athabasca Course Launched! – ORGB 300 is the future of distance learning

Athabasca University’s School of Business has done it again! They’ve just released an exciting NEW organizational behaviour (ORGB) course that incorporates innovative online technology with the course content, creating the perfect learning atmosphere for you, the distance ed student. Organizational Culture (ORGB 300), discusses, as its name implies, the cultural aspects of organizations and workplaces… Read more »


This is the first Voice Annual Reader Survey in years! Your input is vital to help the Voice maintain relevance to its diverse audience, and it is also necessary in order to show that The Voice is read and enjoyed by AU students. At this time, we have no demographics on Voice readers. In order… Read more »

Editorial Pages

THIS WEEK FROM MY PERSPECTIVE – Student Unions. Debbie Jabbour reveals a disturbing new trend in the selection of student union representatives at the high-school level OLD DOG MIGHT JUST LEARN SOME NEW TRICKS – New writer Bill Phillips shares his thoughts about going back to school, the AU way. HOW THE LAW HAS CHANGED:… Read more »