About Working From Home

Working from home has been transformative for me and my family.  I understand it is not for everyone, and make no mistake I loved getting morning coffee with my colleagues as much as the next person.  But I love being able to take care of family members when they fall ill, I love the ability… Read more »

Letters to the Editor—A Plea to Megan

I beg you, Megan (the lady who wrote Dear Barb), please don’t leave your husband. I agree with Barb Godin in her recent Dear Barb column. Divorcing a husband, especially when you have children, spells trouble.  Web MD author, Sid Kirchheimer, says, “A new study shows that children of single-parent homes are more than twice… Read more »

Letter to the Editor—Re: Cover Issue of 2617

Hi Karl. I totally get what you were trying to go with in the picture (especially now that I have read your explanation), however it is an off-putting picture. It didn’t stop me from reading the articles, but my mind went to “ew that’s gross!” and yes, the puppy appears cute, if you could see… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Good Morning, Imagine my surprise, when I open up an email in my browser at work to see see a photographic image of a dog defecating in the body of said email. Not that it matters, but there is no tie to the image in the adjoining content. Adding images for sensationalism, good, bad or… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Hi there, This evening I read an article about a women in politics meeting attended by the writer, Jaclyn van Beek. This article bothered me because it kind of came off as a contemptuous one-sided attack. The implication was made that these issues are multifaceted, but also that the author’s views are the right ones…. Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor;  Hi, I just wanted to give a point of feedback on the professor who wrote that nursing assistants are using AU and doing psych 290 to upgrade to rn; we are not nurse assistants. We are licensed practical nurses and professionals in our own right already, practicing within our own scope and with… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Karl, Can the Voice help gauge the importance to AU’s broad student body of having reliable and accurate information about the dates and timing of the annual convocation ceremonies at an early date? Would knowing with certainty by the beginning of the calendar year make a difference in whether an out-of-province student will decide to… Read more »

Re: Creative Writing by the Books

Want to add my favourites to your list: Bird by Bird, by Ann Lamott (I don’t actually own this book because every time I buy one, I give it away. I think I’ve now bought 5 copies so far.) On Writing, by Stephen King Still Writing, by Dani Shapiro Just thought I’d share. Laura B…. Read more »

Re: Letters to the Editor

In response to your query, where else are employees such as these able to grow their surly personalities and fat bottoms but in an overpaid government job? For these reasons employees in public service only leave in one of two ways; they are either fired or they die, thereby negating the need for hiring any… Read more »

Re: Council Connection, Feb 25 Issue

I don’t think it’s fair have to pick up the tab for council’s extravagant choice of accommodation. There are plenty of qualified individuals who would than happy to work at a cushy job in West Edmonton. I feel the cheaper alternative would have been the better choice. If the council wants the more expensive option,… Read more »