Rebuttal to the Editor

In his editorial, Karl says he disagrees with me about the future of universities. Actually, I think we probably agree far more than disagree. I suspect that Karl thinks I am suggesting a scenario akin to going to a restaurant and having to choose, cook and serve your own food. That might be quite fun:… Read more »

Dear Editor

We are reaching the end of one of the longest political campaigns in Canada’s history, and, as one of the two voters who decided the winner of the provincial election in our riding in Calgary, I would like to stress the importance of your vote, and encourage everyone to exercise her/his democratic right and responsibility…. Read more »

Dear Editors

I strongly urge that, when the full AUSU council meets on September 9, 2015, a proper election take place to fill all three executive positions on council: President, Vice-President External & Student Affairs (VPEX,) and Vice-President Finance and Administration (VPFA.) Information currently on the AUSU website suggests that only two of those vacant positions will… Read more »

Dear Deanna

Dear Deanna, I understand what you mean by experiencing isolation. I did two online certificate with the Teluq (online university in Quebec) which I took a few course with AU. Indeed, it can be hard at times. But take courage, you will succeed if you persevere. Online education has its advantages. While I completed my… Read more »

On the AUSU Audit Survey

Dear Editor: As one of your regular readers, I have followed the AUSU goings on with keen but detached interest. However, the AUSU forensic audit “survey” that appeared in the July 10 edition of THE VOICE compels me to comment. Based on long experience in social research, it seems clear that AUSU failed to obtain… Read more »

To the Editors

I almost missed the fact that AUSU council held an e-mail vote to decide whether or not to call a by-election to fill a vacant council spot. The current council is a year and a bit into its term and in the interest of transparency I for one would like to know the rationale council… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Karl; Reading about the possibility of Athabasca students no longer having a Voice is counter to what public education and our country in general is in need of. We as a people need a Voice to speak for, against and to join debates in whatever issues we see affecting us. To remove a student paper… Read more »

Useful Advice

To S.D. Livingston Thank you so much for the article Buyer Beware. During porting my phone from Fido to Rogers my number became a victim of this scam. Keep up the good work. Take care, Sonny. Sorry to hear it hit you, Sonny.

Letter to the Editor – On “Free at Last?”

This is a very basic article that is only the tip of the iceberg with little historical data or much to the piece. Although I commend the author for bringing this topic to readers attention it would serve a greater purpose to use the data here and discuss the similarities in the top 10 offending… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Dear Voice editors, In her May 2014 feature article, “Tricks for Tuition,” Barbara Lehtiniemi chastises sex working students, telling us that ?Reality is hard work, long hours, conflicting obligations, and difficult choices.? Not for nothing: so is sex work. I started doing sex work casually as a teenager, when I was living on my own… Read more »