Letters to the Editor

Dear Voice Editor, While I enjoy reading The Voice and have been excited to see some of the changes underway, I was disappointed to read Barbara Lehtiniemi’s “Tricks for Tuition” this past week. While I might not be surprised to find an article like this in a conservative-values publication, I expect more from The Voice…. Read more »

Letters to the Editor – Even More Planner Love

My four year old daughter found one more thing to love in the AUSU planner that you missed. Each month, there’s a picture beside the space left for a task list. The new AUSU logo figures are hidden in almost every picture. (Almost. Pretty sure the center guy’s not in March, September, or November) My… Read more »

E-texts and me

Hello, E-texts will impact me in one of two ways: 1) Result in what’s effectively a large tuition price increase (due to having to buy hard copy texts) 2) Contribute to an unhealthy learning environment (see below points) When I first realized that some of my hard copy textbooks included a free e-text version I… Read more »