Vol. 10 Iss. 10

Volume 10 Issue 10 - 03/20/2002

Fed Watch!

BC’s Hike Beats Alberta’s Another province is starting to address the supply side of the health-care difficulties that Canada is going through. British Columbia has announced (http://os8150.pb.gov.bc.ca/4dcgi/nritem?5027) a program which will almost double the number of doctors that they graduate each year. The government is chipping in the $134 million that it will cost to… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

NEW COUNCIL OFFICIALLY STARTS TERM MARCH 16/02 On March 16, your new student council officially took office. In accordance with our bylaws, at the first meeting an executive was nominated and elected by the nine Councillors from amongst themselves. The election was held by secret ballot and presided over by scrutineers Judith Hughes (AU VP… Read more »


My family never had dogs while I was growing up and as an adult I felt that owning one would be more work than its worth. My wife Linda, on the other hand, grew up with various family dogs and has always been a dog-lover. It wasn’t long after we were living together that the… Read more »

Thane Heins: Disciple of Truth

“My government is the world’s number one purveyor of violence.” Dr. Martin Luther King It is the privilege of this writer to have been assigned by our Editor to write an article introducing a new Columnist for The Voice. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Thane Heins, and wish him the best… Read more »

Debt reduction program a sham, lobby group claims

ST. JOHN’S (CUP) — The Canadian Federation of Students says the federal government’s student-debt reduction program is a sham and has helped just a handful of people. The national program, part of the government’s 1998 Canada’s Opportunity Strategy, is an education plan that provides financial aid to students. It gives university graduates extra funding to… Read more »

Suicide Versus Acne

Suicide or acne? Which would you pick? It’s an easy choice for most people, but those who suffer from severe forms of acne, may choose the more extreme of the two: suicide. In fact, sixty-six people taking the acne drug Accutane have committed suicide, and 1,373 others reported psychiatric side effects. If this is how… Read more »

MediaWatch announces worst portrayals of women

WINNIPEG (CUP) — A Canadian media watchdog group has published its annual report card on the best and worst advertising portrayals of women in 2001. MediaWatch, a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the representation of women and girls in the media, released its report March 8, to coincide with International Women’s Day. “This is… Read more »

Fate of Bighorn Wildland decided this month

VANCOUVER (CUP) — The advisory group appointed to recommend action on Alberta’s Bighorn Wildland is ignoring key provincial policies, environmentalists say. Pressure from government, industry and off-road vehicle (ORV) users is causing the advisory group to skip over 1986 policies that designated protected areas, says Tamaini Snaith, Conservation Specialist with the Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA)… Read more »

Cigarette makers accused of targeting teens

MONTREAL (CUP) — Internal documents released in court earlier this week from Canada’s three major tobacco companies suggest an extensive effort goes into marketing their products to youth, some barely in their teens. The country’s cigarette makers — JTI-MacDonald, Rothman’s-Benson and Hedges and Imperial Tobacco — are challenging Bill C-71, adopted by the federal government… Read more »

Enlightening Information

WE NEED READER FEEDBACK! Any comments, suggestions, feedback, or submissions may be sent to Tammy Moore, Editor of The Voice at tmoore@ausu.org Many thanks for your writing contributions and support, and I look forward to hearing from you all! AUSU ACADEMIC COMMITTEE The AUSU Academic Committee is looking for new members interested in exploring new… Read more »

Quote of the Week

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” –Albert Einstein

Re: Teachers’ strike articles of January 23rd

Re Teachers’ strike articles of January 23rd Teachers’ wanting better working conditions and smaller classes is a legitimate position. That is until they say that a pay raise will solve the problem. This an old, overused and transparent union tactic of tugging on the public hart strings with stated objectives that are not in line… Read more »

A confession, re: September 11

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Please forgive this letter since it is more of a confession than anything else. I remember asking myself immediately during the attacks on September 11th , “who is going to benefit financially from this atrocity.” I received the answer yesterday while filling up the car with gasoline, I AM! Until I… Read more »

Re: Teachers’ strike articles of January 23rd

Re Teachers strike articles of January 23rd Dear Editor, Once upon a time in a small kingdom far away, people lived in peace and harmony. Each had work to do in order that the kingdom might thrive. The efforts of the one supported the efforts of the other so that the needs of all were… Read more »