Vol. 10 Iss. 12

Volume 10 Issue 12 - 04/03/2002

Fed watch!

Students Need More, Government Pays Less The Government of Canada has released an Actuarial Report (http://www.osfi-bsif.gc.ca/eng/office/actuarialreports/index.asp?) on the Canada Student Loans Program. This report is designed to predict what the Student Loan program will cost up to the year 2025 and what kind of effects it will have on students. The results are not pretty…. Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

JOINT Calgary-Edmonton Conference G6B The People’s Summit June 21-25, 2002 University of Calgary On June 26 & 27, 2002, the leaders of the world’s most industrialized countries, the G8, will meet in Kananaskis, Alberta. They will make critical decisions that will have global impact. Past G8 Summits have consistently failed to offer an effective means… Read more »

From My Perspective – Smoking

The government of Alberta has introduced a hefty new tax on cigarettes and alcohol, and other provinces are following suit. The tax was implemented on cigarettes without warning, and when added to the November 2001 federal tax increase on tobacco products (1) brings the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Alberta to almost $8.00…. Read more »

Close Call

During my years working for the Ministry of Forests I became proficient in the use of a chainsaw. The process was neither instant nor was it without incident, and I know that I gave my boss/instructor Neil Campbell more than one grey hair along the way. Classroom time in combination with hours of fieldwork was… Read more »

B.C. scraps distance learning

VICTORIA (CUP) — The B.C. Liberals have slashed a program that offers post-secondary education off campus. Over the next two years, all programs provided by the Open Learning Agency (OLA) will be discontinued or transferred to post-secondary institutions across the province. “These programs are primarily for students who might not meet the requirements for [university]… Read more »


I am a survivor of emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse. As a young child, I was sexually abused by another male in the private school that I attended. Afraid of being rejected by my friends, parents, and other family members, I did not tell anyone about the incident for more than 3 years. Those… Read more »

Find freedom in wired world, Lightman tells students

TORONTO (CUP) — Something as simple as turning off a cell phone can lead to the development of a better world, Alan Lightman told students at the University of Toronto last Wednesday. The respected physicist, novelist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor delivered a lecture entitled “The World is Too Much for Me: Finding Private… Read more »

Newfoundland proposes tuition cut, would be second in two years

ST. JOHN’S (CUP) — The Newfoundland government has pledged to ease the burden of pricey tuition fees for the province’s university students. The government announced $3.5 million in its provincial budget last Thursday to decrease the cost of university education. The government suggested the money be used to reduce tuition fees at Memorial University by… Read more »

News From The Canadian Cancer Society – April is Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month – Prevention Key to Fighting Disease

As the Canadian Cancer Society launches its annual Daffodil Month Campaign in April, the need for continuing support from the public remains strong. Not only will one in three Canadians be diagnosed with cancer in his or her lifetime, but cancer remains the leading cause of premature death (death earlier than the average life expectancy)…. Read more »

Enlightening Information

A Healing Process September 11: Dealing with the Backlash Were you affected by the horrific events of September 11? Do you think / feel racism against certain groups has increased since the tragedy? Would you like to share your thoughts & views about it? If so, you are cordially invited to attend any one of… Read more »

Quote of the Week

COMMENTARY AND FEEDBACK! LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Thanks to all of you who have been providing us with such great feedback on The Voice. Please continue providing your opinions, comments and support; any submissions can be sent to tmoore@ausu.org Accepted letters to the editor have not been edited, nor do they necessarily reflect the opinions… Read more »