Vol. 10 Iss. 36

Volume 10 Issue 36 - 09/18/2002

From My Perspective

For most Athabasca University students, finding adequate study time is a challenge. We have so many other activities and responsibilities that demand our attention. Prioritizing is often the key to managing to put these other activities to the side and focus on schoolwork. When I first started university it did not seem as difficult to… Read more »

Fed Watch!

Saskatchewan Boosting Librarians The Saskatchewan Government has announced a bursary of $5,000 for students taking their Masters of Library Science (SEE: http://www.gov.sk.ca/newsrel/2002/09/13-718.html). Saskatchewan has looked ahead a few years and seen that a large number of their librarians will be retiring. The increasing importance of information and being able to access the right information quickly… Read more »


Dear Sandra; My biggest problem is guilt. I have three small children and I’m trying to go back to university to get a degree. Most of the time I do my schoolwork at night when they are already in bed, but sometimes when it gets close to the end of the month I turn the… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

Nominations are being accepted for the President’s Award for Tutoring/Mentoring Excellence. Nominations must be submitted to the Coordinator, Staff Development in Human Resources by September 30, 2002. This award recognizes up to two individuals each year for excellence in instructional service to AU students. CUPE tutors, graduate instructors, and academic coaches are eligible for nomination… Read more »


The 9th Annual General Meeting of AUSU for 2000/2001 has been scheduled for September 28, 2002, at 1 PM MST. It will be held at the AUSU Office, #306, 10030 107 Street, North Tower, Edmonton, AB. All members of AUSU are invited to attend, either in person or by teleconference. This Annual General Meeting will… Read more »

From The Show About Nothing to the Column About Nothing

Seinfeld was a show supposedly about nothing. Is there really such a thing as writing about nothing? My mother used to say that there was no such thing as total silence: there is always sound:but is there a possibility of writing about no subject? Maybe you wander, and perhaps you don’t really pick one subject… Read more »

Ash and Ecstasy

It has been suggested by some that each religion is unique. These people maintain that a religion is an entirely contextual construction, and thus, the project of looking at the intersection of two or more religions is doomed to turn up empty. In other words, we must abandon attempts at synthesis between the various traditions… Read more »

What I’ve learned About AU Students

Most of the time I keep my position as a Voice columnist separate from my position as a councilor on AUSU, but from time to time, I enjoy sharing some of the insights that I have gained through my time with the council. With the approach of my first AUSU Annual General Meeting, I have… Read more »

Worth a Second Look –

Good News! The Prime Minister has finally announced his intention to ratify the Kyoto Protocol by the end of this year. As a union activist, I was glad to see Canada live up to a promise made five years ago, when our nation made a commitment to join others in the fight to stop the… Read more »

Wharton in the News (Again)

Thomas Wharton, author of the award-winning books Icefields and Salamander, who has been on a list of ‘Must Read’ authors, who recently won a Writers Guild of Alberta prize, and who manages to round out his waking moments by also working as an AU tutor, has added another item to his list of things to… Read more »

Eco-Conference Kyoto debate leaves questions unanswered

EDMONTON (CUP) – A Kyoto Protocol supporter called the Alberta government “whiners” for their unwillingness to sign the accord during a debate at last Saturday’s Eco-Conference at the University of Alberta. The debate got off to a rocky start for the provincial government after Environment Canada representative Stephen McLellan’s failed to show up until 10… Read more »

Library 101

Q: I’m trying to use one of the journal databases, but I’m not sure what the best way to search it is. How do I find out? A: Most databases have online help files that provide tips on how to perform searches. In addition, we have created help sheets for the various database platforms AU… Read more »


Contributed By Leo Campos A. Many of you will recall another infamous September 11. It is the anniversary of (sadly) U.S.-sponsored terror against the people of a Latin American country in 1973. Ocean Press has just published a rich book reclaiming September 11 for Chileans and all victims of terror for which Washington is –… Read more »


Letter To The Editor: In the past issue of the voice Mr. Low discusses the costs of going to AU compared to other traditional institutions. I was just wondering if he added the cost of writing exams for non-Albertan students. I pay $40 per exam for the privilege of writing at the University of Ottawa…. Read more »


Dear Readers, I have received a number of email asking for printable editions of the current Voice. The current issue is always included in the list of PDF Archives for your printing convenience. Thank-you for your readership and support! Tammy Moore Thanks to all of you who have been providing us with such great feedback… Read more »