Vol. 10 Iss. 37

Volume 10 Issue 37 - 09/25/2002

From my Perspective

“Let’s go surfin’ now Everybody’s learning how Come on and safari with me” (Surfin’ Safari, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson/Mike Love) “If everybody had an ocean Across the U.S.A. Then everybody’d be surfin’ Like Californi-a …We’ll all be gone for the summer We’re on surfari to stay Tell the teacher we’re surfing…surfing U.S.A. …everybody’s gone… Read more »

Fed Watch!

Running the University Numbers Statistics Canada has released a report on University Finances for 2000/2001 (see:http://www.statcan.ca/Daily/English/020916/d020916b.htm. Unsurprisingly, they list that the total percentage of university revenue from government sources has declined while the percentage paid by the students has risen “substantially from a decade earlier”. Government contributions rose less than 3% over 2000/01, making this… Read more »


Dear Sandra; I’ve had it! I’m on my third extension and I’m running out of time. Now I know why students are tempted to copy assignments from others. I’m having such a hard time with this course project; I just don’t know what to do. I went to a website that sells essays, and I’m… Read more »

Free Health Benefits for Children in Low-income Families

The Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB) provides children in low-income families with free: · Dental care · Prescription drugs · Eyewear · Emergency ambulance services · Essential diabetic supplies More families are now eligible for coverage through the ACHB because of increased income eligibility levels, which took effect July 1, 2002. These income levels are… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

AUSU met on the evening of September 16th for the last regular council meeting of the 2001/2002 fiscal year. Finances and our preliminary budget for the upcoming fiscal year were the main topics of discussion, and we laid the groundwork for some exciting new scholarships and student awards. Also under discussion was the possibility of… Read more »

A Conundrum For Medical Practitioners?

At one time, teenagers had little or no say in their medical treatment. Instead, decisions were made by consultation with doctors and parents, and teens had to accept whatever treatment was prescribed by a paternalistic medical system. Recently, however, more doctors allow mature teens to make informed medical decisions, often without the input of their… Read more »

Gas Leaks and Bite Shift

I yanked my Jaguar suitcase along on its wheels, laden with thick textbooks and grubby laundry. I pulled it into my condo suite and slapped everything on the floor or on the dining table. I was in a vile mood. I’d been away to my second level of Craniosacral Therapy and nearly starved, and froze… Read more »

The Harried Student:

Recently, in one of the Voice’s columns, a fellow writer, comrade, and sibling in schooling laid at the feet of the Voice’s readership a challenge. The challenge is to demonstrate writing about nothing”?writing having no point, no subject, no opinion. Intrepid around-the-blocker who’s been there, done it, and uses the T-shirts for dishrags, I am… Read more »

The AU Information Centre

I would like to respond to the very interesting article by Tamra Ross Low “What I’ve Learned About AU Students” and perhaps provide some helpful advice for all AU students. The Information Centre was established to provide a first point of contact for prospective and continuing students. We have a staff of sixteen full-time, part-time… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Food Safety Part I

My husband and I were stricken recently with a food borne illness, or what is more commonly referred to as a bout of food poisoning. A quiet romantic dinner left us sick for several days. We blamed the plate of beef satay, but it could have been anything in the restaurant’s kitchen or even something… Read more »

American News on Your Television!

Over the past few weeks I have indulged myself, now and then, in watching American news broadcasts on my television. I haven’t been tuning in with the expectation of staying informed while receiving a fair and unbiased perspective, but more to observe the American media spectacle in all its red, white, and blue glory. What… Read more »

The First Festival of Learning at AU Central

The first Festival of Learning took place at AU Central on Sept. 14 in recognition of International Adult Learners’ Week. UNESCO has previously sponsored the event, but this is the first time the week was celebrated in Canada. More than 100 people attended the Athabasca event that featured presentations and displays highlighting the benefits of… Read more »

Canadian NGOs (non-governmental organizations) underscore centrality of the United Nations in dispute over Iraq

Four Canadian non-governmental organizations have come together to commend the Canadian government for its position on Iraq and to emphasize that the United Nations must play the lead role in mediating the international dispute over Iraq. The North-South Institute, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, the United Nations Association in Canada and the Mennonite Central… Read more »

Marijuana debate rages on in Ottawa

(CUP) OTTAWA (CUP) — Canadian adults may soon be legally entitled to “blaze”, “smoke up” or “hit up the phat chronic” if a report tabled by the Canadian Senate is accepted and passed into law. The report released by the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, calls for the legalization of marijuana. “Judges, lawyers, college… Read more »

So far this semester $40,000 worth of bikes stolen at U of A

EDMONTON (CUP) — They’re fast, efficient and blend in with the throngs of other students wandering campus, and in the first two weeks of classes, bike thieves have had a heyday. With $40,000 in bike losses reported so far this year at the University of Alberta, the problem is reaching epidemic proportions. “The university is… Read more »

Library 101

Q: I searched the library catalogue and found a book that I want to take out but it’s currently out to someone else. Is there a way to put a hold on it? A: Yes. If you click on the “Request This Item” button in the catalogue record you will be asked for your name… Read more »

Get Your Nominations In For The President’s Award for Tutoring/Mentoring Excellence!

Nominations are being accepted for the President’s Award for Tutoring/Mentoring Excellence. Nominations must be submitted to the Coordinator, Staff Development in Human Resources by September 30, 2002. This award recognizes up to two individuals each year for excellence in instructional service to AU students. CUPE tutors, graduate instructors, and academic coaches are eligible for nomination… Read more »

Multiculturalism 2002 Youth Forum. Published September 25, 2002

Sheraton Grande Hotel September 26-28, 2002 INFOLINE: Marilyn Kontz @ 488-8793 Free Registrations Available! You’re invited to join a diverse group of young Canadians and share your vision for the future of our multicultural nation at the Multiculturalism 2002 Youth Forum. This conference will be held in Edmonton, at the Sheraton Grande Hotel from September… Read more »

Stephen Lewis Keynoter & Gala. Published September 25, 2002

In a World Battered by Race, Religion and Ethnicity, Where Stands Canada’s Multiculturalism? @ The Canada: Global Model for a Multicultural State Conference Thursday, September 26 (8pm) in Maclab Theatre Tickets: $20 Call Tix on the Square at 420-1757 or log on to http://www.tixonthesquare.ca Plus: A Celebration of World Music and Dance with Moksha, the… Read more »