Vol. 10 Iss. 45

Volume 10 Issue 45 - 11/20/2002

DEAR SANDRA: The Advice Column

Hi Sandra. I am very excited for you to achieve your future goals. I have a question though…I am having some major relationship problems in the area of trust. My father cheated on my mother and I’ve been cheated on before. I am having trouble trusting my current boyfriend for that reason. As a result,… Read more »

From My Perspective – Too much time on my hands?

Last week’s article detailed several days of neighbourhood surveillance activities I engaged in. I received some interesting feedback, suggesting that perhaps I have too much time on my hands. I decided that this week I should explain how I spent the seven days subsequent to writing that article – just in case anyone decided that… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation: Congrats to Martin Connors, Ernie Eves Educating Educators, and Everything Old is New Again

Congratulations to Martin Connors Professor Martin Connors of Athabasca University has received a Canadian Research Chair award in the amount of half a million dollars over five years. The award comes as part of a 130 million dollar investment announced by Minister of Industry Allan Rock and Gerry Byrne, Minister of State (see: http://www.chairs.gc.ca/english/Media/news/News2002/nov2002.html). Dr…. Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear: AU PROFILES

The student/staff profile of those whose lives are involved with AU is a new column in The Voice. It is our hope that reading about those who are part of the make-up of what makes AU unique will draw our students closer together although we span countries and continents. We are a part of AU,… Read more »

Canadian SU at the Forefront of Battle for Free Speech

As a member of the Athabasca University Students’ Union, I am very interested in the activities of other students’ unions – especially those that represent students of Canadian universities. Students’ unions do not operate by a set list of activities, programs, or initiatives. Instead, we have guiding principles, and ethical and financial responsibilities that help… Read more »

The Dubious Privatization of BC Rail: The NDP Stance

Last week we began a discourse surrounding the issues of the privatization of BC Rail and examined the Liberal standpoint on the subject. This week, we continue with a closer look at the NDP viewpoint. During the run-up to the May 28, 1996 British Columbia general election, the two foremost contender parties”?the incumbent BC New… Read more »

Library 101

Librarian Elaine Magusin continues the series “Things You Should Know About the Library.” Q: I’ve been having difficulty logging into the journal databases from home. I’ve entered my username and library/student id number but it still won’t let me in. Can you help? A: Patrons often encounter difficulties logging in from home. Generally, modifying your… Read more »

Tuition Forum Update

(photo credit: Shirley Barg at CAUS forum provided by Debbie Jabbour) On November 14 CAUS held the first of a series of tuition forums at the U of A campus. Speakers were Raj Pannu (NDP), Ken Nicol (Liberal), Fran Trehearne (U of A), Mike Hudema (President U of A SU), Shirley Barg (Vice-president AUSU), and… Read more »

Delivery Devils

After searching for months for sandals that I like, and won’t kill my feet, I bumped into the right ones at the start of Fall in a discount shoe store. They’re my hubby’s favourite shoe brand, Merrell. The big problem is they were a size 12 and I’m a cozy 7 ½. I began looking… Read more »

New Web Encyclopedia at AU!

Athabasca University is the new host for the Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre on the web. The site provides a comprehensive listing of Canadian playwrights, plays, and theatre practitioners, from information submitted by academics and those involved in the business and pleasure of the theatre. It is updated regularly, and is cross-linked. The Encyclopedia was originally… Read more »

Survey Finds Canadian Teens Having More Sex at a Younger Age! By Marshall Bellamy, UWO Gazette

(Graphic from http://www.durex.com/index.html) LONDON, ONT. (CUP) — The results are in, Quebec loves love and more 14-year-olds are getting laid. Durex Canada recently released a survey revealing sexuality trends among Canadian youth. The poll surveyed 2,000 people nationally between the ages of 18 to 29, said Barbara Case, senior consultant of Decima Research, the company… Read more »

Barlow condemns corporate threat. Activist warns future trade agreements will gobble up public services still untouched by market. By Mimi Luse, The McGill Daily

MONTREAL (CUP) — “Keep your hands off our healthcare, our education, our water,” said Canadian activist and author Maude Barlow’s to multinational corporations Friday at McGill University. Barlow, speaking at the “Directing the Winds of Change: Educational Perspectives on Globalization” conference, attacked the increase in privatization of the “commons” or public services, which she says… Read more »


Doubt is something that we all live with. For some of us, doubt can play an important part of our awareness, while for others, it can be something that lurks around the edges of our lives, perhaps something that we aware of but choose to ignore, or at least try to pretend its not there…. Read more »

Breaking Bread: For Women In Afghanistan. Contributed By The Community Networks Group. Published in THE VOICE November 20, 2002

Breaking Bread… For Women in Afghanistan is a volunteer fundraising project to support much needed education projects for Afghan women and girls. You can participate in this unique cross-Canada fundraising initiative by Hosting a Pot Luck Dinner with nine of your friends. As Host you are asked to invite your friends to your home, request… Read more »

Canadian Diabetes Association. Published in THE VOICE November 20, 2002

What We Do Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) is a non-profit, charitable organization with over 150 branches across Canada. CDA volunteers and staff work directly with people with diabetes and their families at the grass roots level. The CDA Collections Program collects clothing and reusable household items as an entrepreneurial fundraising venture. The funds raised from… Read more »


Thanks to all of you who have been providing us with such great feedback on The Voice. Please continue providing your opinions, comments and support; any submissions can be sent to tmoore@ausu.org **PLEASE REMEMBER ALL LETTERS TO THE EDITOR INTENDED FOR PUBLICATION MUST BE MARKED “FOR PUBLICATION”. Accepted letters to the editor have not been… Read more »


Contributed By The Community Networks Group Volunteers Needed and Invited to Help Infoline: 924-3432 We are a volunteer, registered non-profit society which has been serving the work of Wanjiku Kironyo in Kenya for seventeen years. Wanjiku works in the slum communities with the women and street kids, handicapped children and youth groups. Our chairperson, Rosalind… Read more »


re: new Parliament Hill Initiative Hello to The Voice: I was under the impression you may be interested in a new initiative that we are starting here on Parliament Hill. It concerns the website www.ingenuitycanada.com I’ll provide a little information about the website and the initiative, any other questions you have feel free to contact… Read more »