Vol. 11 Iss. 02

Volume 11 Issue 2 - 01/08/2003

From My Perspective – Understanding Suicide, Part One

I would like to start the new year off by taking a serious look at a very serious and difficult subject – suicide. I recently attended a wonderful workshop on suicide intervention, one that made me realize how profound the problem is. At the same time, there is hope – through education and removal of… Read more »


Dear Sandra, I put on quite a bit of weight in the month of December and I really need to lose it, any suggestions? Chubby from Christmas Dear Chubby, Eat less, move more! It’s that simple. Everyone seems to expect some kind of miracle exercise or diet for weight loss, when really it all stems… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch. News Across The Nation …

Civil Silliness: The Gun Thing As has been on the news in Alberta and various places, the federal government’s gun legislation went into full effect on New Year’s Day. This means that if you are caught with a fire-arm that you have not yet registered, you can be charged, have your gun taken away, and… Read more »

AU’s Learning Centers Don’t Make The Grade

Athabasca university offers education with convenience that is unparalleled by traditional universities. Everyone who is capable of completing the course work, has equal access to an AU degree, regardless of their geographic location, work schedule, child-care [or elder care] responsibilities, or physical or psychological limitations. AU, in so many ways, fulfills the promise of providing… Read more »

AU Profiles – Student: Wayne Karperien

Voice: Hi Wayne. First off, where do you live? Wayne: At the risk of sounding like a hobo, I have no fixed address. We (my wife, 2 children, and I) are presently living in Salisbury, England. We are moving to Edwards Air Force Base in California right after Christmas. In the last 5 years we… Read more »

Sight Unseen

The things that are most precious to us, our five senses, are things we very often take for granted. They are gifts whose ever-present status means we fail to notice, and perhaps appreciate, them in the same way we notice the novel and infrequent. Our senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are our… Read more »


CLASSIFIED SPACE: Students of AU may print classifieds in The Voice free of charge (maximum three per issue) as long as they are not representing a company or product. Classified ads must follow the direct guidelines and ethics stated in the Voice Policy and should be submitted to the editor at voice@ausu.org with “?CLASSIFIED AD’… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear: Free Seminar for Edmonton Students

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT EVENT: Explore Public Policy Issues, Student Seminar on Public Policy Issues DATE & TIME: Saturday, February 1, 2003 “? 9:00 am to 5:00 pm LOCATION: Sheraton Grande Hotel, 10235 – 101 St, Edmonton NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION: The Fraser Institute SPONSORED BY: Fraser Institute supporters in Alberta ADMISSION CHARGE: FREE FOR FURTHER INFO CONTACT:… Read more »

Chrétien Action Figure

We need to make a protest. We need to do something about this! We can’t sit by and let this happen! “What”, you ask? Why, so many world leaders have an action figure and Canada is, laughably, without one. We must get on the bandwagon and be counted in! What will our American neighbours think… Read more »

University Of Calgary Department Of Neuroscience Competition 2003

The Department of Neuroscience at the University of Calgary is holding a second National Neuroscience Competition to identify students to fly to Calgary for an all-expense-paid trip for 4 days in March 2003 to visit with group members. We are interested in meeting with undergraduate students taking courses relevant to neuroscience as well as graduate… Read more »


CLASSIFIED SPACE: Students of AU may print classifieds in The Voice free of charge (maximum three per issue) as long as they are not representing a company or product. Classified ads must follow the direct guidelines and ethics stated in the Voice Policy and should be submitted to the editor at voice@ausu.org with “?CLASSIFIED AD’… Read more »

News From AU – AU News From Academic Council

CONTRIBUTED BY AU’S THE INSIDER, DEC 18, 2002 Academic Council passed the following Action Items at its Nov. 6th meeting: · Step II & III approval of a Master of Nursing program (open for applications on April 1, 2003 with courses beginning Sept. 1, 2003) · Regulation changes to the Master of Health Studies program… Read more »

NFB Film Club Edmonton – Free Screening of Canadian Documentaries

Upcoming free screening of Canadian documentaries – feature films co-sponsored with the Edmonton Public Library & CBC Radio One Showing @ the Milner Library Theatre downtown, 7 Churchill SQ. Time: 7-9 p.m. January 14: To My Birthmother …. Directed by Beverly Shaffer / Produced by Beverly Shaffer & Mark Zannis Delving into the past can… Read more »


on behalf of AUSU Winter Edition News from the November 28, 2002 council meeting AUSU met on November 28th, 2002, for a regularly scheduled council meeting. Items on the table for discussion included the post-secondary coalition to fight tuition increases and government under-funding (headed by CAUS), the CAUS media campaign to raise awareness about tuition… Read more »

Are you an artist? AUSU Supports the arts!

AUSU is interested in purchasing original works of art from students for use in promotional purposes. These promotions may include: gifts from AUSU to graduates at convocation, tokens of appreciation for volunteers, special presentations, etc. The works of art must: -be created by an AU Student -be within a value range $0-$500. -be accessible or… Read more »

News From AU – Changes to Undergrad Grading Policy

This is to advise you of an important change in the undergraduate Grading Policy at Athabasca University. Athabasca University has approved a new Alpha/4.0 grading scale for undergraduate studies effective January 1, 2003. The grades that students achieve will be stated, on transcripts and in student records, as alpha grades on a scale from A… Read more »

Canadian Diabetes Association Free pickup of dontated household goods

What We Do Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) is a non-profit, charitable organization with over 150 branches across Canada. CDA volunteers and staff work directly with people with diabetes and their families at the grass roots level. The CDA Collections Program collects clothing and reusable household items as an entrepreneurial fundraising venture. The funds raised from… Read more »

News From AU – English and Math Assessments Online

Athabasca University’s Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment is now published online at: http://www.athabascau.ca/html/services/counselling/math/. Two versions of this online test contain 30 or 70 questions that will help assess students’ mathematical skills. Based on their score, the assessment will recommend which Athabasca University mathematics course a student is likely ready to take successfully. You may also find the… Read more »

News From AU – Conference Connections

CONTRIBUTED BY AU’S THE INSIDER · CASE District VIII – March 8-11, 2003 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – “Connect in Coeur d’Alene.” Details: http://www.connectincda.com AMTEC (Association of Media & Technology in Education in Canada) -“E-convergence: Education, Media & Technology” – May 25-28, 2003, Montreal, Quebec. Call For Papers deadline is Dec. 15, 2002. Details: http://www.amtec.ca… Read more »

AUSU Council – NEWS FROM THE AGM. Provided By AUSU Council

The 9th Annual General Meeting of AUSU was held this past Saturday, September 28 at 1:00 P.M. Eleven students were in attendance, nine in person and two via teleconference. Quorum was satisfied and the meeting could proceed. In the President’s welcome, Debbie Jabbour commented that the low attendance should not be taken as an indicator… Read more »

Notice to AU graduate students and those considering entering graduate studies at AU

Athabasca University Students’ Union is in the process of establishing an AU Graduate Students’ Association. Here’s a sampling of benefits of belonging to a Graduate Students’ Association: · Graduate student representation on University Committees · University and government advocacy and lobbying · Affiliation with provincial and national graduate students’ organizations · Assistance with university/student dispute… Read more »

Scholarship News – January 8, 2003

MENSA CANADA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME Value: $750; $500; Honourable Mention. APPLICATION DEADLINE: January, 2003 Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme wishes to reward students who follow through their career strategy. To apply, all you need to do is to submit a 250 word essay. The deadline for the current competition is January 31, 2003. The competition results will… Read more »


ONLINE INTERNSHIP WITH NATIONAL MAGAZINE Position: volunteer editorial intern Location: various – job is fully online Duration: TBD REALM is a national Canadian magazine about life and work in your twenties and creating work you want. Located on every college and university campus across the country, REALM provides young Canadians with the tools they need… Read more »


Saturday, January 11, 1:00 – 4:30 p.m. / 1-09 Business Building, U. of A. Infoline: Tel: 492-5962 / Fax: 492-1134 e-mail: Nancy.Hannemann@ualberta.ca website: http://www.international.ualberta.ca Guest Speakers … Dr. Randall D. Germain, University of Wales Dr. Susanne Soederberg, University of Alberta Global financial institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the… Read more »


Thanks to all of you who have been providing us with such great feedback on The Voice. Please continue providing your opinions, comments and support; any submissions can be sent to tmoore@ausu.org **PLEASE REMEMBER ALL LETTERS TO THE EDITOR INTENDED FOR PUBLICATION MUST BE MARKED “FOR PUBLICATION”. Accepted letters to the editor have not been… Read more »