Vol. 11 Iss. 06

Volume 11 Issue 6 - 02/05/2003

Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra, I am a twenty year-old virgin. I am comfortable with this, but I am nervous about how a girl will react when I tell her. I have always had dates, but none have ever gone “that” far. How might I clear the air about this topic when the time comes? Nervous Nice Guy…. Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

Black History Month February is Black History Month according to the Federal Government (SEE: http://www.canadianheritage.gc.ca/newsroom/news_e.cfm?Action=Display&code=2N0380E) and the Provincial Government of Ontario (SEE: http://www.newswire.ca/government/ontario/english/releases/January2003/31/c5451.html). The Federal Government has given $40,000 to the Black History Month Round Table. This Round Table helps to organize events announcing and celebrating Black History and the diversity that helps to make… Read more »

A VOICE EXCLUSIVE SERIES – The Popstar Experience, Part two

Part 2 in a continuing series about the Canadian Television talent competition, Popstars: The One. For part 1of this series, see: http://www.ausu.org/voice/articles/articledisplay.php?ART=382 Getting Amaya to the Citadel callbacks was a bit easier than the first auditions, but she was still not completely motivated. A second selection of songs had been provided to choose from, but… Read more »


From Alberta … It’s CDE Live! The Centre for Distance Education continues to break new ground in its online teaching techniques. Here, Dr. Jon Baggaley climbs inside a PowerPoint presentation for a live presentation to his MDDE662 class. “The students contribute to the online seminars via live audio and video,” says Jon. MDE student Jim… Read more »

AU Profiles – Student: Zil-E-Huma Lodhi

STUDENT: Zil-e-Huma Lodhi What province and city/town do you live in? I am currently residing in Montreal (Quebec). Do you have a family/ kids/ pets ? I am happily married and have a two year old cute daughter. What are your hobbies / interests/ activities/ etc. I love to read books, listen to music and… Read more »

Volunteers: Benefit or Burden?

Societies are made up of people and people help people. If it weren’t for volunteers, many a community wouldn’t be what it is today. But like everything else in life, times change and so do volunteers. Volunteers used to be considered the biggest benefit to an organization or a community but now, sometimes volunteers can… Read more »

An Encounter With a Mass Murderer – Part 2

:continued from last week. For part 1, see: http://www.ausu.org/voice/articles/articledisplay.php?ART=387 To see him in pictures is not the same – film devours his strange charisma, imprinting only the most inconsequential features of his visage. The resulting photograph depicts someone who looks more like your local insurance salesman than a man who held such power over his… Read more »

UBC tuition increase pushed through

30 per cent tuition increase passes despite heavy student opposition Published: Thu-30-Jan-2003 By Kathleen Deering, Ubyssey VANCOUVER (CUP) — This year’s round of tuition consultations is over, as the University of British Colombia’s Board of Governors (BoG) passed the 2003-04 tuition proposal early yesterday morning”?despite many concerns voiced by students over the last several months…. Read more »

Who fares well on Welfare?

There is a gap, aggravated by the government and media, between how welfare recipients are perceived and the realities of living on social assistance. I know because I’ve been there. I am still there. Comments from Canadian politicians illustrate a theory that these misperceptions are being used as an excuse to reduce welfare spending by… Read more »

Construction Woes

Several weeks back I asked a construction worker in the nearest truck what the “street hacking” was about. He said that the railroad line had to move over and that the company wanted it dealt with by Christmas. He expressed pretty serious reservations about whether it would be done by Santa’s visit. He needn’t have… Read more »

Alberta Commission on Learning shares status report

Press release from Alberta Learning, February 4, 2003 Edmonton… Thorough and thoughtful. That’s how Alberta’s Minister of Learning is describing the work done so far by Alberta’s Commission on Learning. The Minister recently reviewed the Commission’s status report and has asked them to share their progress with Albertans. “Alberta’s Commission on Learning has shown dedication… Read more »

COMMUNITY NETWORKS GROUP – Peace for Iraq; Live at the Roxy; Tilo Paiz and Friends; The Making of Warriors.

Peace for Iraq Canadian NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) have been actively involved in educating, sensitizing and lobbying the Canadian government to refrain from military action against Iraq and foster peaceful means to resolve the crisis in the region … The Canadian Council for International Co-operation, (CCIC) in a letter to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, warned that… Read more »

Scholarship News – Astral Media Scholarships for French Students; Saturn Commitment to Excellence Awards

ASTRAL MEDIA SCHOLARSHIP FOR FRENCH STUDENTS Value: $5,000. APPLICATION DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2003 Administrator: Canadian Association of Broadcasters Notes: Awarded to French Canadian students with broadcasting experience or who enrolled in, or wish to begin or complete a program of studies in Communications at the university level. Based on motivation, ability to complete studies, financial… Read more »

AUSU SPEAKS: January 19th Session – Provided By AUSU

News from the January 19, 2003 council meeting AUSU Council met on the evening of January 19th for a regularly scheduled council meeting. The main item of business for the evening was AUSU finance, and the annual audit for the 2002 financial year was reviewed and discussed. Following this, tentative plans were set for the… Read more »


Jobs-4-teachers is a free employment service that is offering jobs to graduates who are interested in experiencing a new culture, traveling overseas and teaching English as a second language in South Korea. No previous teaching experience is necessary. The only thing necessary is a degree in any field, a passport and the desire to try… Read more »


CLASSIFIED SPACE: Students of AU may print classifieds in The Voice free of charge (maximum three per issue) as long as they are not representing a company or product. Classified ads must follow the direct guidelines and ethics stated in the Voice Policy and should be submitted to the editor at voice@ausu.org with “?CLASSIFIED AD’… Read more »


ABOUT THE PRIZE This Magazine’s Prize for Creative Non-Fiction honours the brightest new voices in Canadian letters. Send us your work, and join This Magazine’s long tradition of publishing outstanding literary and creative non-fiction. We’re looking for personal and journalistic pieces with a strong voice, attention to narrative, experimental styles and, of course, compelling subject… Read more »

Are you an artist? AUSU Supports the arts!

AUSU is interested in purchasing original works of art from students for use in promotional purposes. These promotions may include: gifts from AUSU to graduates at convocation, tokens of appreciation for volunteers, special presentations, etc. The works of art must: -be created by an AU Student -be within a value range $0-$500. -be accessible or… Read more »

News From AU – Conference Connections

CONTRIBUTED BY AU’S THE INSIDER · CASE District VIII – March 8-11, 2003 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – “Connect in Coeur d’Alene.” Details: http://www.connectincda.com AMTEC (Association of Media & Technology in Education in Canada) -“E-convergence: Education, Media & Technology” – May 25-28, 2003, Montreal, Quebec. Call For Papers deadline is Dec. 15, 2002. Details: http://www.amtec.ca… Read more »

ART OF LIVING PROJECT: U of A Professor Seeks Submissions for AIDS

Press release of Dr. Diana Davidson University of Alberta As people continue to be infected and affected by HIV, and the hope of an effective vaccine recedes longer and longer into the future, education and activism remain our best hopes in battling AIDS. Writing enables people to form arguments; provide testimony; break silences; trace histories;… Read more »


. . COUNSELLING SERVICES RESOURCES PAGE IMPROVES ACCESS TO STUDY AIDS At Athabasca University we’ve numerous study-related resources, many created by AU staff, some collected by AU staff from other sources. Regrettably, many students seem to find these by chance if at all. Counselling Services has brought the resources together, so AU students in all… Read more »


ONLINE INTERNSHIP WITH NATIONAL MAGAZINE Position: volunteer editorial intern Location: various – job is fully online Duration: TBD REALM is a national Canadian magazine about life and work in your twenties and creating work you want. Located on every college and university campus across the country, REALM provides young Canadians with the tools they need… Read more »


The Voice wants to hear from you. Plans are underway for a new and improved students publication for AUSU members. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you would like to see. We also welcome comments on our articles and features. If you have something to say, drop a line… Read more »