Vol. 12 Iss. 12

Volume 12 Issue 12 - 03/24/2004

Editorial Pages

AUSU ELECTION DRAWS FEW VOTERS – RACE WAS AS CLOSE AS THEY COME The 2004 AUSU election drew scant interest this week. The final vote total was based on a mere 87 eligible ballots, out of a possible 33,000 AUSU members. Council had hoped that online voting might increase participation in the election process. In… Read more »

New AUSU Council Elected

The 2004 AUSU election closed at midnight on March 20, marking the end of a successful online voting project that was in the works for many months. Mail-based election were an incredibly costly endeavor, at about $30,000 per election, with most of that money going to postage. The very low response rate and small number… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Teachable Moments

I just finished teaching the latest session of Kids’ Art Classes at Smoky Lake for the Community Learning Council. I usually start by planning a 6 week course, establishing a supply list, and writing a 2 line blurb for the course calendar. My lesson plans for generic 6 to 12 year olds invariably changes when… Read more »

AUSU This Month – Meet your new council!

AUSU Election Results Are In Laura Seymour, AUSU Chief Returning Officer for 2004, and AUSU President Debbie Jabbour, are pleased to announce the results of the 2004 AUSU election: The top nine candidates will comprise your new AUSU council, and will assume their new positions after a changeover period which will end by April 30th…. Read more »

Taking Notes: Eye On Education – New Grading System

This column focuses on a wide range of issues affecting post-secondary students. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions and educational topics they are concerned about, or personal experiences with courses or university situations they feel other students should know about. If suggest a topic or a course alert for Taking Notes, contact djabbour@ausu.org NEW GRADING… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

AU and Alberta: Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don’t The Alberta Government was recently pleased to announce (http://www.gov.ab.ca/acn/200403/16132.html) that it is providing over 10 million dollars to post-secondary institutions as a way to recognize outstanding performance. The money is apparently distributed on factors such as “outstanding performance in achieving goals in areas such… Read more »

Dear Heather

Dear Heather, I’m an AU student and am almost finished my degree. I wasn’t planning to attend the graduation ceremony in June, because I always find graduations to be very long and boring. However, people keep telling me I should go, and I’m starting to reconsider. What do you think, is it worth the trip?… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Kids Film Review: Monster’s Inc.

Our last column this month dedicated to films and books for children features this lovely Disney film. As Monster’s Inc. opened I thought, “Holy crap! I think that’ll probably scare some tiny tots!” But trust Disney. Unless your child is a wee small tot who doesn’t understand what’s going on in the dialogue, they’ll soon… Read more »

Primetime Update

Missed your favourite shows? No problem. Primetime update gives you the rundown. Friends No new episode this week. Friends airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary) The last episode of Friends, ever, will air on May 6th. Survivor – ALL STARS Last week Chapera kidnapped Kathy and took her… Read more »

Fortunate Progeny of Divorce

How far back in your past can you remember? If you really stretch your mind, what is the earliest memory that you can muster? For me, I know that somewhere in that nascent cloud of disjointed recollections is a line between actual memory and imagined memory. For instance, I can resurrect a memory of laying… Read more »

From My Perspective – Counsellor Liability

A recent ruling by an Alberta court has school counsellors worried, with good reason. Heather Crerar, a former Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) student, was awarded a judgement of more than $21,000 because the college counsellor wrongly advised her on what courses she needed to take. Crerar was hoping to transfer to the University of… Read more »

Cram Sham

What’s the most popular word around exam time? No, not caffeine, cram! Although you might think cramming is effective, you’ve probably noticed that it actually stresses you out more, and when you’re stressed your powers of recall and concentration aren’t as stellar as they might be if you were more relaxed. There is a solution… Read more »

Voice Event Listings

To list events in your area, e-mail voice@ausu.org with the word “events” in the subject line. OTTAWA – AUSU COFFEE GROUP Come for Coffee! Meeting of the Ottawa Coffee Group Sunday, March 28, 2004 1:00 pm The Royal Oak 221 Echo Drive – on the canal @ Hawthorne See you there. Contact tneuman@ausu.org or tneuman@rogers.com… Read more »

Scholarships & Awards

PERSONS CASE SCHOLARSHIPS http://www.cd.gov.ab.ca/helping_albertans/human_rights/womens_issues/persons_case/index.asp Deadline: Contact THE Human Rights and Citizenship branch at (780) 427-3116 or toll-free at 310-0000 for more information or visit the Persons Case Scholarship web page. The Persons Case Scholarships were established in 1979 to mark the 50th anniversary of the “Persons Case” victory. The scholarships are awarded by Community Development… Read more »

Conference Connections

Know of a conference that is not on this list? Contact voice@ausu.org with the details and we’ll list it in Conference Connections. INTERNATIONAL CELTIC CONFERENCE Oct 14-17 From October 14-17th, 2004, the University College of Cape Breton will host the International Celtic Conference, Forging a Future for Celtic Languages and Cultures, under the direction of… Read more »

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Classifieds are free for AU students! Contact voice@ausu.org for more information. TEACH ENGLISH Overseas: Jobs $$ Guaranteed-Great Pay. TESOL Certified 5 days in-class, on-line or by correspondence. FREE Information Seminar. FREE Infopack: 1-888-270-2941 or globaltesol.com – http://www.globaltesol.com AUSU OTTAWA COFFEE GROUP Come for Coffee! Meeting of the Ottawa Coffee Group Sunday, March 28, 2004, 1:00… Read more »