Vol. 12 Iss. 31

Volume 12 Issue 31 - 08/11/2004

Editorial Pages – This week, a notice from AUSU

This week, a notice from AUSU: AUSU Wants Your Opinion The AUSU is in the process of improving our website and we would like to get your opinion on what needs to be done. You can help us out by sending us a list of your pet peeves about our website, your favourite parts of… Read more »

Sounding Off

Inspired by Busby LeClair’s article last week, I’ve posed the question: what’s your guilty pleasure. Here are your responses. I must admit, my guilty pleasure is not only watching children’s cartoons, but listening to and singing along with boy bands such as ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys. I have every CD. Andrea Buck My guilty… Read more »

AUSU This Month – AUSU Wants Your Opinion

AUSU WANTS YOUR OPINION The AUSU is in the process of improving our website and we would like to get your opinion on what needs to be done. You can help us out by sending us a list of your pet peeves about our website, your favourite parts of our website, your suggestions for what… Read more »

Primetime Update

WHAT’S NEW ON PRIMETIME AMAZING RACE – Wednesdays – 9pm on CTV Last week the teams pigged out on caviar. Not far behind, but still behind, Bob and Joyce were eliminated. This week the teams depart from St. Catherine’s Palace and head for the Hermitage, in St. Petersburg by train. The Hermitage is one of… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Hilary’s Driving

Last July 11th my baby girl turned 16. By early afternoon we had driven to Gibbons to find a driver examiner doing road tests. By mid afternoon Hilary was legit. A newly licensed young driver. We haven’t seen her since. Like me, Hilary is crazy about driving and all it symbolizes. Couldn’t get her learner’s… Read more »

Dear Barb – Socially Clueless

Dear Barb: This fall I leave my current job and home to attend university full time. This is exciting, but also scary because I am an extremely shy person who never had many friends. The thought of sitting alone in cafeterias, study halls and movies brings back all kinds of depressing high school memories. I… Read more »

Lost & Found – Vancouver Folk Fest

It’s a warm Friday night in Vancouver, and the sun is disappearing beneath the horizon. We’re standing on a hill in Jericho beach, looking out across a multitude of music fans hunkered down on Mexican blankets, multi coloured towels, Japanese mats, bright blue and orange tarps. On the brightly lit stage, a musical ensemble plays… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Comedy Film Review: Galaxy Quest (1999)

August is Comedy For Dummies month This is one of the best keeper projects I’ve seen in ages. The cast is stellar, the script crackles with hilarious ideas and the take-off jokes are well done. Tim Allen is Commander Peter Quincy Taggert, and Sigourney Weaver is a blond-haired Lt. Tawny Madison. Throw in Alan Rickman… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

NOVA SCOTIA AND SPECIAL NEEDS The provincial government of Nova Scotia will be providing (http://www.gov.ns.ca/news/details.asp?id=20040806002) tuition support to special needs students who need to go to private schools. While I’m not generally in favour of public funds going to private schools, this particular plan does have something going for it. Mainly, the tuition support funding… Read more »

Justice For Athabasca University

I am writing to The Voice to arouse a more adequate response from Athabasca University staff and students to the Ralph Klein essay and especially, the subsequent administrative review. I expected either staff or students to protest immediately but, since the review was concluded, nothing more has been published. This may be because both groups… Read more »

Lost in the Supermarket

Saturday afternoon and I’m at the supermarket to buy some painkillers for my cracked tooth. The security guard looks like Dim from Kubrick’s screen version of A Clockwork Orange. He has his hand at the throat of the elderly homeless man, has him pinned up against the side of the Coke machine. Seconds earlier the… Read more »

From My Perspective – Prostitutes are Persons

Our city has had a spate of prostitute killings over the past few years, with at least nine young women found dead, their bodies beaten, abused, and abandoned in various locations around the nearby countryside. Many in society tend to consider such women “throw-aways,” and their deaths are not given priority in our thoughts, or… Read more »

Scholarships & Awards

PERSONS CASE SCHOLARSHIPS Value: up to $5000 Application Deadline: September 30 Notes: Scholarships of up to $5,000 in value are awarded to Alberta residents who are enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program in an institution in Alberta that is either non-traditional for their sex, or a program that will contribute to the advancement of women…. Read more »

Conference Connections

Know of a conference that is not on this list? Contact voice@ausu.org with the details and we’ll list it in Conference Connections. WLICSMB’2004 – HANGZHOU CHINA Oct 30 – Nov 1 The Sixth West Lake International Conference on Small & Medium Business The WLICSMB is an important international conference on small businesses. Its basic objectives… Read more »

Searching for Internships

Boeing Internships Website: http://www.boeing.com/employment/college/internshipDetails.html Position description: Positions available as Electrical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Computer Engineers, Information Systems Analysts, Technical Designers, Systems Analysts, Systems Programmers, Database Administrators, Procurement Analysts, Network Designers, Budget Analysts, Market Analysts, and Business Systems Analysts. Positions are located in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington,… Read more »

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – Campus Alberta Quality Control Council

This column focuses on a wide range of issues affecting post-secondary students. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions and educational topics they are concerned about, or personal experiences with courses or university situations they feel other students should know about. If suggest a topic or a course alert for taking notes, contact djabbour@ausu.org CAMPUS ALBERTA… Read more »

Classified ads

Classifieds are free for AU students! Contact voice@ausu.org for more information. AU BUSINESS STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (AUBSA) NOW ONLINE! The AU Business Students’ Association website is now online at http://www.ausu.org/clubs/aubsa/index.php. If you are an AU business student, or a student with an interest in business, this club is for you! Contact aubsa@ausu.org for more information. It’s… Read more »