Vol. 12 Iss. 44

Volume 12 Issue 44 - 11/17/2004

Travel Photo Feature – Portugal Up Close

My second trip to Portugal was of a different nature than all the other trips I have made in my life. For the first time I didn’t go studying or on holiday, but to do some serious work. Or so I thought. I live in Ljubljana, a capital of Slovenia, which is a small country… Read more »

Sisters of the Earth – This Week in Global Women’s News

Kudos to Spain! A new law in Spain requires men sentenced for abusing their wives to wear an electronic bracelet which alerts both the man’s wife and the police as soon as he comes within five hundred meters. http://www.rponline.de/public/article/nachrichten/journal/gesellschaft/ausland/66602 New Feminist Mag for Teens The first publication of Howling Harpies is scheduled for March 8,… Read more »

AUSU This Month

Are you in Need of Financial Assistance? AUSU Can Help You AUSU has many financial assistance, emergency and computer bursaries available to help students in need. Every year AUSU will give away 10 financial assistance bursaries, $6000 in emergency bursaries and $4800 in computer bursaries. Visit our website at http://www.ausu.org/services/scholarships.php to find out if you… Read more »

Primetime Update

WHAT’S NEW ON PRIMETIME THE AMAZING RACE The new season will begin Tuesday, Nov. 16th, 2004. THE APPRENTICE 2 Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2004 Last week, Raj was fired for knocking out a wall in a four bedroom home and hiring a contractor that couldn’t finish the job. Chris couldn’t keep his hostility toward the team… Read more »

Dear Barb

Dear Barb; I am attending my first year at university and living on my own for the first time. My problem is my mother. She is making me feel guilty because I moved out to attend university. I am an only child and my father died many years ago. My mother suffers from depression and… Read more »

Lost & Found – The Price of Silence

I was listening to the radio a few days ago when I heard an officer of the U.S. Marine Corps discussing the military assault that was about to take place on the Iraqi rebel stronghold at Fallujah. He talked about U.S. military superiority and about unleashing an “unprecedented level of violence” upon the “terrorists”. But… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

International Education Week Were you aware that November 15 – 19 has been designated as the International Education Week? If not, then you’re not alone. In my weekly run through of the Federal and Provincial government news releases, only two provinces held any mention of International Education Week. So if you live in New Brunswick… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Remembering Clinton

Lately I’ve been thinking about Clinton. He was the salesman who first called on our business in 1987 when we were closed for repairs following Edmonton’s tornado. I was always pretty good at shooing away unwanted solicitation but somehow he managed to charm his way into our store. Over the course of several years he… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Film Review: Mercury Rising

Focus on Bruce Willis This film is a real departure for the very good-humored Mr. Willis. He first appears as a scruffy guy in army fatigues–almost Fidel Castro-ish–FBI agent, Art Jeffries. I found myself liking his bearded and burly look. Then off it comes and he’s in a business suit… ah well, whatever. Bruce looks… Read more »

Canadian Filmmaker Explores Third World Labrador

ST. JOHN’S, Nfld. (CUP) — The Mushuau Innu suffer the world’s highest suicide rate. In the past four months alone, the newly built community of Natuashish in Labrador, where they currently reside, has seen four young men take their lives. “These suicides are a direct result of failed government policies and a dismissive attitude towards… Read more »

AU Student Profile – Tania Ahlin

AU PROFILES AU STUDENT TANIA AHLIN Readers may also be interested in reading Tania’s first Voice contribution, a travel photo feature of Portugal, published in this issue! Hi Tania. To begin with, where do you live? I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia which became a member of EU this year. Do you live… Read more »

Alberta’s Universities And Colleges On Starvation Rations

CALGARY – Students at the University of Calgary want to know if help is on the way for Alberta’s ailing post-secondary education system. “The Alberta government is failing our university and college system, and we don’t understand why the richest province in Canada continues to starve our post-secondary education system” says University of Calgary Students’… Read more »

This Election Day, Don’t Forget the Greens

Recently, the Voice and AUSU have provided students with the link to the Alberta WiseUp website, and referred readers to their page featuring the campaigns of Alberta’s election hopefuls. However, the WiseUp site neglects to include any information on the Alberta Green Party, which is also running in this election with George Read at the… Read more »

Claims Adjuster

“See that guy over there asking for money? Here’s the thing: I give money to that guy, even so much as one single dollar, and I’m a marked man. I’m a marked man he sees me again on the street. Go to the butcher’s, ‘Gimme a dollar’. ‘Hey, gimme a dollar’ when I walk to… Read more »

Check it Out

The Perseus Project – http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/ The Perseus Project, a non-profit enterprise located at Tufts University, is “an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the humanities.” Originally intended as a resource for the study of ancient Greek culture, The Perseus Project has now expanded to cover a wide selection of humanities related material…. Read more »

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – Charging For Extra Marks On Assignments

This column focuses on a wide range of issues affecting post-secondary students. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions and educational topics they are concerned about, or personal experiences with courses or university situations they feel other students should know about. If suggest a topic or a course alert for taking notes, contact djabbour@ausu.org CHARGING FOR… Read more »

Searching for Internships

Professional Career Training USA Objectives: PCT USA is a new program that offers non-students, graduates and young professionals the unique opportunity to gain international training in the US. It’s the kind of experience that adds a dynamic element to your CV and could secure your dream job in the future. Dates: Allows you to train… Read more »

Scholarships & Awards

ROCK OR A HARD PLACE $500 GIC AND LAPTOP COMPUTER Award Amount: See below Deadline: December 15 NOTE: This scholarship is for high school students who are planning to enter university. This may not apply to AU students, but may apply to family members. Value: One (1) Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop computer pre-loaded with Microsoft®… Read more »

Conference Connections

Know of a conference that is not on this list? Contact voice@ausu.org with the details and we’ll list it in Conference Connections. BETTER PATHWAYS TO VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION Ongoing New online forum to discuss education and training issues The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) believes that Canadian secondary schools are so focussed… Read more »

RE: Email notification for The November 3, 2004 Voice (v12 i42)

We love to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to voice@ausu.org, and please indicate if we may publish your letter. RE: Email notification for The November 3, 2004 Voice (v12 i42) Greetings, Perhaps you could clarify the comments written as follows: My apologies. This issue was delayed due to an interruption in my… Read more »

Classified ads

Classifieds are free for AU students! Contact voice@ausu.org for more information. Adventure! Teach English Worldwide. Get TESOL Certified in 5-days. Study In-class, Online or by Correspondence. Travel & Earn $$$. Job Guarantee. Find out more at globaltesol.com or 1-888-270-2941. http://www.globaltesol.com AUSU COFFEE GROUPS! Are you interested in sharing the AU student experience? Want to get… Read more »