Vol. 13 Iss. 12

Volume 13 Issue 12 - 03/22/2005

Aboriginal Representation In Canadian Government

Earlier this March, the Liberal Party of Canada held their biennial convention in Ottawa. Party members and commissions from all over the country attended and took the opportunity to make their voices heard. Aside from giving party members an opportunity to socialize, the convention gave the Liberal Party the chance to re-evaluate its official policies… Read more »

The Good Life – Conversations in the Park

Once every month or so, on a Saturday morning, my daughter Jessie and I get up early and head off to Commercial Drive for coffee, orange juice and a shared Spanish Omelette with Portuguese sausage at The Havana Restaurant. The Drive, as it’s known, is Vancouver’s funkiest street; a vibrant, truly multicultural neighbourhood filled with… Read more »

AUSU This Month

AUSU’s Website Has a New Look The AUSU website has a new look and navigation. Please stop by to take a look and let us know what you think. It’s possible that a few links may not be working as we go through and ensure the new menu system is updated, so please write webmaster@ausu.org… Read more »

Lost & Found – When Duty Calls

I’m sorry, but we can’t come to the phone right now because we are in the backyard sitting in the shade of a pear tree reading Treasure Island. Because we are across town eating hummus and listening to accordion music. We are watching an enormous beetle clacking about inside the shade of our table lamp…. Read more »

Dear Barb – Building a new relationship with Mom

Dear Barb; I am in my mid thirties and the mother of two young girls. My husband and I both work full-time and have a very busy lifestyle. I finally feel like my life is going really well except for one aspect. Through most of my growing up years my mother and I have had… Read more »

Women You Should Know – Constance M.K. Applebee

Constance M.K. Applebee, (1873-1981) Constance M.K. Applebee was born February 24 in Chigwell, Essex, Great Britain. Applebee became well known for introducing and promoting Women’s Hockey in the United States. At this time hockey had already become a popular sport in England. Applebee went into the field of physical education because she had been a… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

Us vs. U.S. Statistics Canada recently completed a survey (http://www.statcan.ca/Daily/English/050315/d050315c.htm) on participation rates in university education between the United States and Canada. While they found that America has a higher participation rate in general (39% compared to our 33%), the vast majority of that comes from the families who have income in the top 25%… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Paper Chase

Does anyone remember the promise of a paperless society that was to follow the widespread use of personal computers? It didn’t happen, folks. Paper is swallowing some of us alive and is the greatest cause of clutter in most households. I love paper. Let me correct that. I love some paper and detest the rest…. Read more »

From My Perspective – Hit and Run

One of my favourite television dramas is Nip/Tuck, an incredible show I was fortunate enough to discover right from the first episode. I’m eagerly awaiting season three right now, but recently my daughter had an unusual incident that was straight out of a Nip/Tuck episode. In the opening scene of that particular episode, Dr. Troy’s… Read more »

Brave New World

Okay, I am officially sick and tired of all those belly-aching whiners out there who go on and on about how shallow and trivial our society is becoming. I hear it all the time: burned-out hippies and irritating tree huggers prattling on about how bad globalization is, how our lives are being taken over by… Read more »


Happiness: Is it a false hope or is it really attainable? Happiness. We all want it, and when someone’s got it, they flaunt it and everyone else has the secret hope that money can buy it. What brings happiness? People ask the Dalai Lama since he seems to have it together about what constitutes happiness… Read more »

NEW – Cool Tools – Skype

Skype – http://www.skype.com Some have said that the Internet has made the world a smaller place, and it has, giving us easier and more instantaneous forms of communication than we could have imagined even ten years ago. What it hasn’t done, until the past couple of years, is bring us closer together via one of… Read more »

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – Fake test-taker imprisoned

This column focuses on a wide range of issues affecting post-secondary students. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions and educational topics they are concerned about, or personal experiences with courses or university situations they feel other students should know about. If suggest a topic or a course alert for taking notes, contact djabbour@ausu.org FAKE TEST-TAKER… Read more »

Searching For Internships

RAWK GIRL Staff Writer Job Location: Anywhere, MA, United States Job Description: Rawk Girl needs talented, young music writers to contribute to our articles database and newsletter. Staff writers are people who can be regularly counted on to contribute articles to us including, but not limited to, women in rock profiles, interviews, CD and event… Read more »

Scholarships and Awards

GEORGE A. NIELSEN PUBLIC INVESTOR SCHOLARSHIP The Public Investor Scholarship of $5,000 (may be two awards of $2,500 each) is available for award to an employee of a local government or other public entity who is enrolled or plans to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program in public administration, finance, business administration, or related… Read more »

Conference Connections

Conference on Southern Literature 31 Mar – 2 April 2005 Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States http://www.artsedcouncil.org/csl/cslit.html – Contact: Susan Robinson – info@artsedcouncil.org – Nearly 40 writers convene for panel discussions, readings, lectures, book signings, and more. 2005 theme is The South: A Community of Outsiders. Keynote by Reynolds Price. Registration starts in January. Organized by: Arts… Read more »

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