Vol. 13 Iss. 24

Volume 13 Issue 24 - 06/15/2005

The Good Life – Some Warm Weather Thoughts

In keeping with my scattered, spring-fevered mind this week, here is a collection of odds and sods insights, with the general theme of enjoying the upcoming brilliant spring and summer weather: >> If you have the space to do it, try line-drying your clothes outdoors on sunny days. The natural sunlight will increase the intensity… Read more »

Dear Barb – Accepting new in-laws

Dear Barb, My sister is getting married next month and I can’t stand her fiancé. I feel really bad about this, but I just don’t care for him at all. He has never done anything to my sister or me specifically. I just find him very arrogant and at times he seems to be demeaning… Read more »

AUSU This Month

AUSU Course Evaluations Would you like to know what your fellow students have thought of an AU course? If so, you are not alone. Many students find the input of their peers invaluable when selecting courses or a program of study. AU students may not have cafeterias and hallways in which to share this knowledge,… Read more »

Lost & Found – Test Results

There was a time in my early twenties when I was convinced I was dying. There were unexplained bouts of dizziness while walking the dog, cruel pounding headaches in the middle of the night, and flashing lights in my head. I visited specialists, wore wired goggles, and stared at holographs and blobs of light. I… Read more »

Women You Should Know – Olive Ann Beech (1903-1993)

Olive Ann Beech is recognized as the First Lady of Aviation. In 1932, Olive and her husband Walter co-founded Beech Aircraft Corporation. At its inception, Beech Aircraft created the Stagger-wing Biplane, which included characteristics that were considered unattainable at that time. The biplane had the interior of a luxury automobile and maintained a speed of… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Clean Slate

Beginning on New Year’s eve afternoon and continuing on to the next day, Roy and I finally tackled the laminate flooring job that’s been hanging over us for months. No champagne, no dance, no party, no midnight kiss (we’ve both been under the weather for some time and really didn’t need to swap bacteria). In… Read more »

From My Perspective – Internet Use and Mental Health Problems

Some members of the AU community have speculated on whether a higher proportion of students with mental illness choose the distance learning option. It seems intuitive that individuals with mental illness may have difficulty functioning well in a traditional classroom setting, and would therefore find an online learning format attractive. Certainly it is likely that… Read more »

Cover Letter

Dear potential employer, Thank you for taking the time to review my résumé and employment application. As you can see from my past work experience, I have devoted many years of my life to unfulfilling, uninspiring and low-paying jobs, so I should have no difficulty adjusting to the conditions of your workplace. Over the years,… Read more »

Tao Talk

A gentleman known as Lao Tzu fathered Taoism, a philosophy from the East. Little is known of Lao Tzu beyond his book of writings entitled Tao Te Ching [Book of the Way and its Power] that he is famous for. According to legend, he was born about 604 B.C.E. (making him a contemporary of Confucius)…. Read more »

Common-law to Uncommon?

“So is it different being married?” she asks smiling as she lifts pieces of my hair and snips at them. I’m at the hairdresser’s. It’s raining and cold outside. My husband sits at the front waiting patiently for me. We’ve been married almost a year. My hairdresser makes small talk with me. It’s part of… Read more »

Click On This – Silver Screen

The All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies http://www.filmcritic.com/misc/emporium.nsf/95a45e26914c25ff862562bb006a85f2/48d7cbcbf391da3588257004007237cc I am in no way surprised by who’s at number one. Are you, punk? Movie Primers http://www.greencine.com/static/primers/index.jsp Get your film geek on with these little primers on films, genres, and other related stuff. Sound cool at the next party, but beware, if you’re at that party… Read more »

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – Academic Journal Holds Joke Contest

This column focuses on a wide range of issues affecting post-secondary students. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions and educational topics they are concerned about, or personal experiences with courses or university situations they feel other students should know about. If suggest a topic or a course alert for taking notes, contact voice@ausu.org, attn: Debbie… Read more »

Searching for Internships

The Hansard Scholars Programme London, England http://www.hansardsociety.org.uk/programmes/study_programme Autumn: Sep – Dec Internships in the British political system with placements with an MP in the House of Commons, a Peer in the House of Lords, a parliamentary clerk, or other political organisations that could involve work with think tanks, human rights groups, campaign groups, lobbyists, law… Read more »

Scholarships & Awards

Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Student RSVP Awards Value: $500, CMA membership, Strategy Magazine profile and subscription Application Deadline: Varies Must be attending any Canadian college or university in business, marketing, commerce, advertising or design. Must not be currently employed in a marketing-related position. Must submit marketing or creative campaign based on selected case study. Applicant… Read more »

Conference Connections

The 2005 Society for Arts In Healthcare Conference – No Borders: pARTners in HEALTHcare June 22, 2005 – June 25, 2005 – Edmonton, Alberta http://www.thesah.org/annual 2005 Hawaii International Conference on Sciences June 18, 2005 – June 20, 2005 – Honollulu http://www.hicsciences.org Cultures of eBay August 24, 2005 – August 25, 2005 – Colchester, England http://www.essex.ac.uk/chimera/culturesofebay.html… Read more »

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Classifieds are free for AU students! Contact voice@ausu.org for more information. AU SPORTS CLUB SEEKS NEW EXECUTIVE The AU Sports Club is looking for AU students who are interested in serving on the AUSC executive. All that is required is a few hours a week to respond to emails, add new members to the discussion… Read more »