Vol. 14 Iss. 32

Volume 14 Issue 32 - 08/25/2006

The Good Life – Trying New Things

I’m feeling a little bit discombobulated these days. My head is filled with a strange new terminology from an alien realm of knowledge. I’m talking about words and concepts such as sapwood, carcase construction, tung oil, ripping, and a bewildering variety of joining techniques (dado, biscuit, butt, rabbet, mortise-and-tenon, etc.) none of which I had… Read more »

Women You Should Know – August’s inspiring ladies

August 9, 1762 – Mary Randolph, author, was born at Ampthill, which was her grandfather’s Chesterfield County plantation. The following quote is taken from the preface to Mary Randolph’s immensely popular cookbook, The Virginia Housewife which has been in print almost continually since 1824. The government of a family bears a Lilliputian resemblance to the… Read more »

Music To Eat Lunch To – Edinburgh Fringe Special

God’s Pottery: The Concert for La Vert Rating: 9 We are all God’s pottery, and thanks to Gideon Lamb and Jeremiah Smallchild we can sing all about it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where these two are “saving La Vert everyday at 4:00.” This comedy musical production is a big hit at the Fringe, but… Read more »

Dear Barb – Cross-dressing boyfriend

Dear Barb: My boyfriend and I have been together for five years. We get along great and I really thought he was the one for me. However, I just discovered a very disturbing thing about him. My boyfriend likes to dress up in women’s clothes. I find this very upsetting. Even though I love him,… Read more »

Lost & Found – Background Info

Classmate #1: Sure, I knew her. We all did. She was a real weirdo, always crying about something. I don’t think she ever had a bath. The smell was so bad, on field trips we had to keep the windows of the bus rolled down. Nobody ever wanted to sit next to her. If there… Read more »

From Where I Sit – A Check-up from the Neck-Up

As I go through my daily rounds, challenged by some events and buoyed by others, I find myself increasingly harking back to and taking solace in the immortal words of Ivanka. Ivanka, for the uninitiated, is the latest, greatest motivational speaker to hit the circuit. Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar have got nothing… Read more »

Helping Hands

“Hazel, can you come out and give me a hand?” Nine little words, so much meaning. Over thirty-three years of marriage, many of them spent farming, that seemingly simple request has meant a variety of things. Look back with me. It has meant: I’ve had the combine apart for two days now, I’ve lost some… Read more »

The Price

In case it has escaped your attention, there is an ever-increasing clampdown on rights and freedoms that is being touted as necessary in order to safeguard us all against malevolent terrorist plots against our lives. Don’t get me wrong — I fully understand how urgently we need the protection of a full-blown police state. After… Read more »

International Newsdesk – Oil Pumps Aren’t Beautiful

Something I will always remember from my childhood in central Alberta is the collection of oil pumps that dotted the prairies with black and orange steel, noisily pumping day-in, day-out. One was across the road in a neighbour’s field, I passed several on the way to school, and there was a commemorative one in Memorial… Read more »

Scholarships & Awards

CRA OUTSTANDING UNDERGRADUATE AWARD PROGRAM Value: $1,000 (2) Application Deadline: October 15 Description: Undergraduate students attending university or college in Canada or the United States. Majoring in computer science, computer engineering, or an equivalent program. Shows outstanding research potential in an area of computing research. Academic record and community service will be considered. Nomination by… Read more »

Voice Events Listings

To list events in your area, e-mail voice@ausu.org with “events” in the subject line. CLASSICAL CALGARY – A WALKING TOUR On now to September 17, 2006 2:00 PM -Calgary, AB Glenbow Museum – Ticket Prices Included with Museum Admission Adults $12 – Senior $9 – Youth/Student $8 Children (Under 6) Free – Family $37.50 info@glenbow.org… Read more »

Conference Connections

PGIB WOMEN PRESENT: THE SECRETS TO DISCOVERING YOUR PROSPERITY FACTOR Monday, August 14, 2006 – 12:00pm – 1:30pm – Manor CafĂ©, Edmonton, AB $16 for PGIBW members; $32 for non-members (includes lunch) To register, call 1-866-725-2143 Ext. 2 or e-mail pgibwomen@pgib.ca http://www.pgibw.ca; http://www.womenspages.ca Guest Speaker: Kelley Keehn of http://www.kelleykeehn.com This presentation will include strategies to… Read more »

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