Vol. 15 Iss. 11

Volume 15 Issue 11 - 03/30/2007

Voice Photo Feature – Party Time in Paris

When the year starts coming to its end, people start partying. Or at least that happens in Slovenia, where I come from. The shop windows change their outfits beginning in November and everything sparkles in that Christmas-y red and green, so the whole capital, Ljubljana, reminds me of a field of poppies. And then Merry… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Rant Alert!

Rant alert! Rant alert! Am I alone in believing that basic customer service is going to hell in a hand basket? Didn’t think so. It doesn’t seem to matter if the purchase costs a few dollars or thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter if the business is a corner store, big box store, e-commerce website,… Read more »

Lost & Found – The Ocean Calling

In the middle of the night, my cell phone began to ring. Half asleep and afraid someone close to me had died (the ominous shadow behind every late-night call) I stumbled downstairs and retrieved it with fumbling hands from my jacket pocket. On the other end of the line, there was a vast crackling and… Read more »

Music To Eat Lunch To – Killswitch Engage: As Daylight Dies

Release Date: November 2006 Label: Roadrunner Records Tracks: 11 Rating: 7 This hardcore metal band is a five-piece group from Massachusetts and this album, As Daylight Dies, marks their third release from Roadrunner Records in five years. The record has proven a big success both at home and in Europe as the band embarks on… Read more »

The Good Life – No More Wasted Days

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. – e e cummings One of the most life-affirming experiences I have had recently came courtesy of a woman who has survived some of the most traumatic experiences a human being can live through. When she was twelve years old, this First Nations woman, a… Read more »

Education and Technology – It’s As Easy As Learning Your DEMs

First it was the ABCs. Then there were the three Rs. Now, students have another set of letters to add to their repertoire–DEM. As students at Athabasca University, we’re all familiar with the first one: D stands for distance education (or d-learning). The second letter stands for e-learning, the use of electronic tools to enhance… Read more »

Media Release – Conservative Budget Forgets Students: NDP

Nine million adult learners also forgotten in the “budget for everyone” March 21, 2007 OTTAWA – At a time of skyrocketing tuition fees and student debt, as well as chronic underfunding for adult literacy programs, the Conservative plan to build a “knowledge advantage” for Canada takes one small step forward and two steps back, said… Read more »

We Love to Hear From You!

We love to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to voice@ausu.org, and please indicate if we may publish your letter. To AU Students Microsoft Office 2007 will be officially released by Microsoft January 31, 2007, and has been available for download from Microsoft for a while. While AU staff will eventually be using… Read more »