Vol. 15 Iss. 13

Volume 15 Issue 13 - 04/13/2007

Editorial – K. Vonnegut, RIP

Mutiny. The mid-nineties, killing time in the faded cafeteria of Calgary’s Viscount Bennett Centre for another excruciatingly dull 90-minute time-wasting lunch break. Usually, between classes, we go our separate ways but today we share a table and huddle in conspiracy. “If we all ask her to change the book, she’ll have to,” is the consensus…. Read more »

From Where I Sit – It’s All About Focus

Have you ever noticed that the moment you buy a red car you see nothing but red cars just like yours everywhere? Or if I said “Don’t think about the colour blue,” that’s all you would see or think about? With millions of sensory stimuli bombarding us daily, we need to be able to ignore… Read more »

Music To Eat Lunch To – Mecca Normal – The Observer

Release Date: 2006 Label: Kill Rock Stars Tracks: 12 Rating: 10 Ever listened to the Velvet Underground, the more psychedelic Jefferson Airplane songs, or Janis Joplin? Mecca Normal is the modern Canadian culmination of that particular sound, known to some as the ?riot grrl? genre. It’s feminist, political, personal, and everything mundane wrapped up in… Read more »

The Good Life – Getting Young and Old Together

A good friend of mine has, for several years, been involved in teaching storytelling skills to elementary-school-aged children. She comes into classrooms and tells them funny or spooky folk tales and fairy tales from a variety of cultures around the world. Because she has a flair for the dramatic, and a lovely speaking voice, the… Read more »

Lost & Found – True Given Name

The world wants to give me a name, but I have no name in the sense that you mean. My name, my true name, is the sound of a thousand bats wheeling across the surface of a harvest moon. My true name is the sound of wind blowing through corn, of waves crashing against rocks,… Read more »

Click On This – Music Mania & Bizzartery

Music Mania TuneFind http://www.tunefind.com/ Find songs you’ve heard on television or in movies. The Vinyl Villain http://thevinylvillain.blogspot.com/ Dust off those old platters and share them with the world. Pink Floyd – Echoes http://www.pinkfloyd.co.uk/echoes/ Listen to Floyd online; just click a square! Worst Lyrics of All Time http://www.thephoenix.com/article_ektid14634.aspx While I have seen worse than some of… Read more »

Education News – New ‘Maple Leaf Major’

In Toronto, Ryerson University students have a rich array of resources to enhance their education: a world-class city as an example for urban-planning studies; arts facilities to enrich art and design studies. In Charlottetown, students at the University of Prince Edward Island enjoy the perfect setting to study environmental sciences, and have access to small… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home and Internationally

At Home: Ottawa Seeks Ethical Code To Keep Councillors Faithful To The Post The Ottawa watchdog organization Eye on Ottawa is actively seeking to implement a code of ethics onto municipal government. Luc Lapointe, interim chairman, wants elected municipal councillors to commit themselves to delivering campaign promises instead of using the elections as leverage to… Read more »

Letter To The Editor Re: “Ban The Trans”

We love to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to voice@ausu.org, and please indicate if we may publish your letter. Re: “Ban the Trans: These Sorry Lipids Should Go Away” by Rob Fursiewicz, v15 i03 (2007-01-19) In his article, Rob Fursiewicz calls the trans fat regulation critics? Big Brother slippery-slope argument ?fallacious.? What… Read more »

Research Subjects Wanted

Distance and Open Education Effects on Accessibility for First Generation Learners – Research Subjects Wanted Participants must be: ? first generation post-secondary distance education students or alumni ? fluent in English ? at least 18 years old Respondents who complete our survey will be entered to win $150. To participate or for information, email: survey@leximortis.com… Read more »