Vol. 15 Iss. 14

Volume 15 Issue 14 - 04/20/2007

Photo Feature – Sundays In Paris

Although the weekdays I spend in Paris as an exchange student are not as full as those of my fellow (but regular) students, I have a special affinity for Sundays, and for a number of good reasons. Lucky as I am, I live close to the little square at the foot of rue Mouffetard, which… Read more »

Editorial – No Easy Answers

The news reports are still coming in, the survivors are still in hospital, and already the tragedy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute has sparked a forceful reaction from those on both sides of the gun control issue. Politicians are lying low, but the debate is simmering and it won’t be long before it comes to a… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Who Knew?

Harlequin Enterprises is a publisher of romance novels. I think the first and last time I had one in my hands was 1973. That lack of current knowledge about the product and its umpteen variations hasn’t stopped me from mocking the stereotypical formulaic writing. In the past I’ve written about heaving breasts and throbbing loins… Read more »

Music To Eat Lunch To – Northey Valenzuela

Release Date: 2006 Label: Fuel 2000 Records Tracks: 13 Rating: 4 This self-titled album is a joint effort from Craig Northey (the Odds) and Jesse Valenzuela (Gin Blossoms); Northey Valenzuela is the specialized blues-country record that neither respective band was focused on creating. Northey brings in his enthusiasm for songwriting while Valenzuela comes in with… Read more »

AUSU This Month – Changes to Council Executive

Changes to Council Executive The AUSU “cabinet” does the shuffle AUSU councillors are elected for two-year terms and, traditionally, the three executives also serve for two years. In early 2005, however, council began to discuss the possibility of holding a mid-term executive election for the following reasons: ? Executive positions are very demanding and require… Read more »

Click On This – Animalia

Animalia Dinosaurs and Dragons http://www.strangescience.net/stdino2.htm Did one myth come from another truth? Perhaps . . . Invertebrate Zoology http://www.amonline.net.au/invertebrates/ As humans, creatures used to a spinal column and obvious bone structure, it might be a little unfathomable to us how a creature could exist without them. World’s Strangest Dinosaur Names http://www.neatorama.com/2007/02/19/the-worlds-strangest-dinosaur-names/ Arthur Conan Doyle, Camelot,… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home and In Foreign News

At Home: SAND Focuses on Saving Native Alberta Fescue Grass Environment Canada has just handed over a cheque for $45,000 to the Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS) for a comprehensive plan to conserve remaining prairie fescue grass species. These species are under threat of eradication from agriculture and noxious weeds. The Prairie Post has… Read more »

We Love To Hear From You!

We love to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to voice@ausu.org, and please indicate if we may publish your letter. To AU Students Microsoft Office 2007 will be officially released by Microsoft January 31, 2007, and has been available for download from Microsoft for a while. While AU staff will eventually be using… Read more »

Research Subjects Wanted

Distance and Open Education Effects on Accessibility for First Generation Learners – Research Subjects Wanted Participants must be: ? first generation post-secondary distance education students or alumni ? fluent in English ? at least 18 years old Respondents who complete our survey will be entered to win $150. To participate or for information, email: survey@leximortis.com… Read more »