Vol. 15 Iss. 21

Volume 15 Issue 21 - 06/08/2007

The Voice Great Canadian Place Challenge

Are you a snow-loving Rocky Mountain gal? A wide-open-spaces Prairie kind of guy? Or maybe someone who can’t get enough of the rugged coasts and fresh Atlantic air in the east? Tell us why the place you live is the best place in Canada, in The Voice Great Canadian Place Challenge! Is it the people?… Read more »

In the Virtual World – Face to Facebook

Over the past couple of years, Facebook (http://www.facebook.com) and MySpace (http://www.myspace.com) have cornered the social networking market. Millions of people flock to both services to meet others, to keep track of friends, to share interests, and, yes, even to do a little unsavoury spying on others. Despite the popularity of both sites, it may be… Read more »

Editorial – Lessons Learned

In early May, a group of sixth-graders set out for an adventure with their teachers–a weeklong trip to a state park in their home state of Tennessee. Like it would be for any group of young kids, the trip was probably high adventure, perhaps the first time that some of them had been away from… Read more »

AUSU This Month – AGM 2007 – All AUSU Members Invited

AGM 2007 All AUSU Members Invited The AUSU Annual General Meeting for 2007 will be held on June 18 at 6:00 p.m. by teleconference. All AUSU members are invited to attend. If you are currently in an open AU undergraduate course, or have completed a course in the last six months, you are an AUSU… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Meaningful Consequences

Do you remember the age of innocence? I’m not talking about some long-forgotten era of old. I’m talking about when we were young, when life was simpler. If You’re a male baby boomer chances are you were a young adult in the 1970s. Do you remember primping for a date or a night out with… Read more »

Lost & Found – This City

I remember this city when it was something new and strange to me. That was when the air was filled with the stench of dragons, and every windstorm was the ferocious beat of their mighty wings. Those were my bohemian days, living in the one-room apartment on the edge of Chinatown. There were rumours of… Read more »

Nature Notes – From the Backyard to the Biosphere. What’s In a Name, What’s In a Place?

Management at Toronto’s Leslie Street Spit: Restoration or a Distant Relative? I recently had the chance to visit two sites in Toronto where ecological restoration work is being carried out–High Park’s black oak savannah and the Leslie Street Spit. The environmental management approaches at these sites are quite different, and provide an interesting opportunity for… Read more »

Click On This – Backtrack

We are all a sum of what’s gone before, from the frightening to the fantastical. The History of The Guillotine http://www.metaphor.dk/guillotine/Pages/History.html A rather terrifying piece of machinery, but probably a lot less painful than the garrotte . . . one hopes. Eleven Weirdest Ancient Mysteries http://crazylinkz.blogspot.com/2006/08/11-weirdest-ancient-mysteries.html True or false, fake or real–still part of our… Read more »

International News Desk. At Home: Loonie poised to reach parity with the buck; In Foreign News: CITES continues to fight the ivory trade; southern Africa fights back

At Home: Loonie poised to reach parity with the buck Over the past five years, the Canadian dollar has increased by 43.4% (according to CTV News), a strikingly high increase rate that saw it reach a 30-year high of 94.77 cents on the American dollar on June 4. Several reasons have been cited for the… Read more »