Vol. 15 Iss. 27

Volume 15 Issue 27 - 07/20/2007

Editorial – Us and Them

It really is great, being one of Us. I wouldn’t want to be one of Them. It’s comforting, this ability to create a wall between Us and Them. I’ll cluster together with Us, and together we’ll keep Them at bay. It affords a sense of safety, of stability, in an unpredictable world. Or at least,… Read more »

AUSU This Month – Coalition for Student Loan Fairness; AUSU Frappr – Show Us Where You Are!

Coalition for Student Loan Fairness AUSU is currently investigating the Coalition for Student Loan Fairness (CSLF) to determine if participation with this group would be advantageous to our members. The group, a grassroots movement of student loan borrowers from across Canada, supports fairness in the loans repayment process. The CSLF notes that Canadian students are… Read more »

The Good Life – In Praise of Unstructured Play

Perhaps it is just a general crankiness related to advancing years, but I am feeling more and more out of touch with the spirit of the times these days. It seems to me as though society has made some kind of profound shift away from the values and beliefs that I have grown up with,… Read more »

Lost & Found – A Minor Houdini

Grim-faced and determined, he passes the tools of his trade amongst the crowd that is gathering at the end of the pier. He offers the devices of his entrapment for their careful inspection; he doesn’t want there to be any question that what he is about to attempt is merely some street corner chicanery, some… Read more »

From Where I Sit – It’s Not Too Late

It’s not too late. In bigger centres, the earlier you start the better your chances for success. Some may even say it’s your duty. I’m talking about the October municipal elections. Every city, town, village, and rural county or municipal district will be looking for a few good men (and women). Unfortunately, in 2007 women… Read more »

Music To Eat Lunch To – Concert Special: Rise Against Tour

After touring Canada with Anti-Flag, Billy Talent, and Moneen earlier this year, Rise Against is gracing our country with another full-length tour that sold out before many people even thought about getting tickets. Even with two shows scheduled to cater to the large Calgary punk crowd, I had to settle for Edmonton and drive a… Read more »

We Are Dying

Communities are dying. Right here in Canada. It’s an interesting paradox in our world that while communities die in a literal sense in war-torn countries as well as third-, fourth-, and fifth-world countries, those of us in first-world countries are suffering a death that is much more subtle and in some ways catastrophic–we die a… Read more »

Click On This – Oddjects

Someone told me that what you should get for the person who’s got everything is antibiotics. I, however, prefer a little more levity with my gift giving. Hand Soap http://foliage.myshopify.com/products/handsoap Who says soap has to look like a cake of Camay or seashells that collect dust on the bathroom windowsill? Glowbrick http://www.gadgetshop.com/pws/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=333 Interior decor need… Read more »

Education News – Hope Springs Eternal

Feel like your studies have got you in a rut? Staring at your textbooks and thinking that graduation is an unattainable goal, or so far in the future it may as well be? If It’s tempting to push the books aside and go soak up some rays (or lie on the couch and channel surf),… Read more »