Vol. 15 Iss. 40

Volume 15 Issue 40 - 10/26/2007

Editorial – Access Denied

In Canada, we have an interesting (and often confusing) blend of funding and service in our health care system. Is it public? Is it private? Who pays for it? Who delivers the services? Those questions, and the prickly debates they can lead to, are characterized by a couple of recent rows over health services. Specifically,… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Taking Action

Hardly a day goes by without news of a new threat to our health or well-being. It may be the results of a study saying positive thinking doesn’t help cancer patients. Or caffeine is good for you after all. Or not. Protect your identity. Don’t open spam emails. Eat broccoli and blueberries. Avoid cookies, ice… Read more »

Health Matters – Glaucoma

Glaucoma Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world and is the leading cause of blindness among African-Americans between the ages of 45 and 65. Estimates indicate that throughout the world approximately 100 million people are suffering from glaucoma. Even with treatment, 10 per cent of those diagnosed with glaucoma will lose… Read more »

AU Tutor Bio – Shawn Fraser

As an assistant professor in the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies since 2006, Dr. Shawn Fraser has already seen some exciting developments within the Centre. One of these is the new thesis-based Master’s program beginning this fall. ?In terms of our program,? explained Dr. Fraser, ?we have a thesis-based Master’s course That’s . …. Read more »

Education News – University enrolment down across Atlantic provinces

WOLFVILLE (CUP) — Fewer and fewer students are choosing to go to university in the Atlantic Provinces. The Atlantic Association of Universities (AAU) released preliminary data on university enrolment for the 2007-2008 academic on Oct. 15, confirming fears that enrolment is in decline across the region. The Atlantic provinces reported an overall 2.9 per cent… Read more »

Click On This – Half-Baked

We are compelled by our very natures to certain terrible habits that we cannot avoid–eating, sleeping, that sort of stuff. Filthy, but what can ya do? This week we have some treats; food, and food for the soul. Hobo Soup This reminds me of those classic translation troubles English-speaking companies have when they try to… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Two deaths result from RCMP Taser use – In Foreign News: Stolen Ptolemy map turns up in Sydney’s Gowrie Galleries

At Home: Two deaths result from RCMP Taser use In the space of one week, two people have died in Canada from injuries sustained from RCMP use of Taser guns. The first victim was a Polish man who was Tasered by police officers after they attempted to subdue him at the Vancouver International Airport. Witnesses… Read more »