Vol. 15 Iss. 45

Volume 15 Issue 45 - 11/30/2007

Editorial – It Takes Two

A British Court of Appeal made a ruling last week that presents an alarming paradox. While the court’s decision appears to have gone wholly in the respective woman’s favour, it also dealt a serious blow to all women’s rights, particularly when it comes to the responsibility of fathers to their children. The events are straightforward…. Read more »

The Mindful Bard – The Earthwork Interview

The Earthwork Interview I wasn’t old enough to be a true hippy when hippiedom first started taking root in Bear River, Nova Scotia, back in the early 1970s; I was far too young, still in my early teens and going to school with fishermen’s kids who wanted nothing more in life than to become conspicuous… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Back to Work

Up until the end of August, Roy was a long-haul truck driver. After six years as an owner/operator hauling mostly lumber or pipe into the States, the thrill is gone. To blame are the worsening economy in the U.S. and the stronger Canadian dollar. Overall, both the number of loads and price per load have… Read more »

Course Introduction – PSYC 450 ? Drugs and Behaviour

How do drugs affect the human body? What makes addictive compounds ?addictive?? What about hallucinogens? Why do neurodegenerative diseases elicit their particular symptoms? AU’s Centre for Psychology recently released a new course, PSYC 450 (Drugs and Behaviour), which, as its name implies, explores the relationships between pharmacological agents, human physiology, and human behaviour. Course professor… Read more »

Maturing Nicely

When my mother died, my father was 71. She’d suffered a brain injury and he’d been her primary caregiver 24/7 for the previous 15 years. When she died, he was lost. Then he found computers. This was back in 1996, when the Internet was really starting to take off and the 386 personal computer was… Read more »

Education News – Colleges rise to meet academic demand in Alberta

EDMONTON (CUP) — A shortage of university seats in Alberta has colleges offering more four-year degree programs to satisfy the increasing demand for education that universities are unable to meet. ?I think there’s not enough seats at the universities; there hasn’t been for a very long time,? said Carl Amrhein, provost and vice-president of academics… Read more »

Click On This – The Place to Be

Sometimes the places that amaze us are right out in the open; known, famous even. Sometimes, though, the most incredible things are those that sneak out of the land of surprise. The Urban Landscape Project As the site says, ?there is startling beauty to be found in the most unlikely places.? Why not explore? Lost… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Taser death prompts better translation services at border control – In Foreign News: Australia welcomes a new prime minister after more than a decade of John Howard

At Home: Taser death prompts better translation services at border control Further investigation into the Tasering death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski has revealed that not only should the risks of Taser use be looked into, but that airport protocol needs an overhaul. Alain Jolicoeur, president of Canada’s Border Services Agency (CBSA), has questioned why… Read more »