Vol. 15 Iss. 48

Volume 15 Issue 48 - 12/21/2007

‘Tis the Season to be Shopping

I have a long history of being late with Christmas shopping. Well, being late with everything, according to my husband, but late Christmas shopping is where I particularly shine. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more exciting it gets. I can find awesome gifts at the grocery store on December 24?and have a blast… Read more »

Editorial – May the Road Rise to Meet You

As the time draws near to say farewell to 2007, a year of wildfires, the soaring loonie, protests in Burma, and the Conrad Black trial, it naturally follows that we cast our thoughts forward to 2008. Here are some hopes?a few frivolous, most not?for the coming year and what it may bring. May your passport… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Just Do It

List makers unite! It’s that time of year again. As we eat and drink our way through the holidays the reality of another year drawing to a close hits hard. It’s inventory time. It’s time to add up the wins and losses of the year. Are we better off than we were this time last… Read more »

The Learning Curve – Aging Authentically

That Diane Keaton advert for some cream or other drives me insane. You know the one: ?Oh, I believe in aging . . . authentically.? Yeah, right. My handy well-used dictionary defines ?authentic? as ?true? and ?genuine.? I’m not sure when plastic surgery and hair dye became true and genuine, but maybe I’m just being… Read more »

AU Profiles – Michelle Bonnier

Michelle Bonnier In this week’s profile, we meet Michelle Bonnier, a student in Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Science (Human Science) program. Michelle, a ?traditional? student age-wise, chose AU because of the focus of its biology program. She discusses the additional benefits She’s discovered in distance education, and tells what She’s using as motivation to keep… Read more »

The Voice Wants You – The Education Beat

Do the latest developments in education interest, intrigue, or even infuriate you? Do you follow the ups and downs of college and university life and the federal and provincial decisions that affect students? If this sounds like you, here’s a chance to make your opinions pay. The Voice is looking for a writer with a… Read more »

Education News – Are lower tuition fees worth higher taxes?

Fee reductions lead to tax hikes, analyst says TORONTO (CUP) — The image of student activists marching on the legislature, brandishing bright yellow ?Reduce tuition fees? placards, is one that most students might recognize. They bring megaphones to amplify their slogans and wear T-shirts that say, ?I sold my other shirt to pay for tuition.?… Read more »

Click On This – One Thousand Words

Not that print cameras are going the way of the dodo bird anytime soon, but the rise of digital cameras gave rise also to droves of new shutterbugs. The Internet gives all of us photo nuts a forum for showcasing our art, or our insanity. English Russia – Some Not-So-Usual Photos Well someone’s got an… Read more »