Vol. 16 Iss. 01

Volume 16 Issue 1 - 01/04/2008

Editorial – I Spy

This editorial originally appeared May 11, 2007, in issue 1517. Remember I spy? No, not the television show; the game that kids play, the one where somebody picks an object and the other players guess what item they’re thinking of. Well, it seems there’s a new version of the game and It’s turning out to… Read more »

Photo Feature – Pleasures of Paris

As part of her translation studies, Tanja Ahlin participated in an exchange program that took her to Paris. In a five-part series, Tanja treated Voice readers to a glimpse of this magnificent city through her camera lens. This photo feature originally appeared July 13, 2007, in issue 1526. As my second semester of studying in… Read more »

From Where I Sit – More of the Same or Something Meaningful?

Hazel’s sage and refreshing viewpoint has been a favourite of Voice readers since 2003. In this article originally published January 5, 2007 (issue 1501), she shares some unique gift ideas designed to make a meaningful difference. Enclosed in a plastic bag with last November’s issue of Style At Home magazine was a copy of the… Read more »

Chronicles of Cruiscin Lan – A Love Supreme

Please wait a moment for the comic to load if you have a slow connection The wry commentary and political savvy of the Chronicles characters have made the comic a favourite of Voice readers. ?A Love Supreme? originally appeared January 12, 2007, in issue 1502.

Lost & Found – Befriending the Enemy

Regular Voice readers will recognize Bill’s inimitable style: a lyrical, and often surreal, take on this topsy-turvy world. In this slightly more prosaic outing, he examines the ambiguity between friend and foe. This column originally appeared October 5, 2007, in issue 1537. It’s a night in late summer. we’re gathered around the barbecue in the… Read more »

The Good Life – The Mythology of Back to the Basics

In The Good Life, Janice’s focus is on the little details that mean so much, and her keen observations illuminate truths we often miss. This article originally appeared January 12, 2007, in issue 1502. A friend of ours, a school teacher, informs us that in recent years there has been what amounts to a minor… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future

The Mindful Bard’s search for thought-provoking, enlightening voices has introduced readers to an eclectic mix of writers, musicians, and filmmakers. In this review of Deep Economy, the Bard looks at the connections between healthy communities and economic stability. This article originally appeared September 21, 2007, in issue 1535. Book: Bill McKibben, Deep Economy: The Wealth… Read more »

Music To Eat Lunch To – That Old Vinyl Feeling

Mandy’s love of music is contagious, whether She’s reviewing the latest punk CD or recounting an afternoon in the mosh pit. In this column from October 19, 2007 (issue 1539), she considers the staying power of the vinyl record in this digital age. Five years ago I bought a copy of NOFX’s The Decline on… Read more »

In Search Of

Lonita is a regular contributor to The Voice, and she scours the vast realm of the Internet each week to bring readers fascinating and unusual sites in ?Click On This.? In this article, she examines various faiths and the wonderful discoveries that can be made by keeping an open mind. This article originally appeared January… Read more »

Clam Wars in Southwest Nova, Parts 1 and 2

This article first appeared as a two-part series in issues 1522 and 1523, published June 15 and 22, 2007. It concerns the growing privatization of the clam industry in southwest Nova Scotia. The author, Wanda Waterman St. Louis, brings the same perceptive insights to this important topic as to her other work: she is the… Read more »

Course Introduction – Law and Ethics in Education (EDUC 404)

As AU`s course offerings continue to grow, Katie`s course introductions offer in-depth descriptions that can help students plan their programs. Interviews with professors bring colourful?and invaluable?details to her articles, and a fresh perspective that goes beyond most syllabi. This article originally appeared March 9, 2007, in issue 1508. Are you planning to focus your undergraduate… Read more »

Noam Chomsky on the Climate of the Times

Magdalena has been a Voice contributor since 2004, and her articles always offer honest and compelling insights into the subjects she tackles. In this article, Magdalena shares the experience of attending a lecture by Noam Chomsky. This article originally appeared May 25, 2007, in issue 1519. I often feel that I should be more active… Read more »

Nature Notes – From the Backyard to the Biosphere. Canada Day Tirade

From the very first Nature Notes column in 2002, Zoe Dalton has brought readers an accessible yet informed look at this remarkable planet we call home. In “Canada Day Tirade,” she examines the challenges of preserving protected areas in the face of growing urbanization. This article originally appeared July 13, 2007, in issue 1526. Canada… Read more »

Health Consciousness – Apply Bamboozlement Directly to The Forehead!

In his Health Consciousness articles, Rob examines some of the health-related products and marketing strategies facing today’s consumers. In this article, he takes a closer look at the phenomenon of rub-on medications, in particular a topical stick purported to cure headaches. This article originally appeared August 24, 2007, in issue 1531. You’ve seen the commercials,… Read more »

AU Profiles – Ryan Nabozniak

STUDENT: Ryan Nabozniak Along with the advantages of being an AU learner comes the challenge of getting to know fellow students. In Christina`s insightful profiles, readers get to know the faces behind the names as AU students share their dreams, goals, and advice for success. In this profile, computer science student Ryan Nabozniak shared his… Read more »

In the Name of Honour

In her first Voice article, Alessandra tackled a tough subject: so-called honour killings. She gave this broad topic a personal focus through the case of 17-year-old Du?a Khalil Aswad. This article originally appeared October 5, 2007, in issue 1537. She is kicked again and again and again. At one point, what looks like a concrete… Read more »

Click On This – Wonderworld

A wonderworld is just what readers discover each week as Lonita brings them the unusual, the wonderful, the inspiring, and the just plain weird?all courtesy of the Internet. This edition of Click On This originally appeared July 13, 2007, in issue 1526. Too often, I think, we rush from sun to sun, and do not… Read more »