Vol. 16 Iss. 11

Volume 16 Issue 11 - 03/14/2008

Editorial – Cyber Study?Or Cyber Cheat?

Study group or organized cheating forum? That’s the question facing the engineering faculty appeals committee at Ryerson University after a student there was charged with academic misconduct for running an online study group. As the Toronto Star reported, the first-year student administered a Facebook group that was ostensibly a place where chemistry students ?swapped tips… Read more »

AUSU Election 2008 – AUSU Members Elect New Council

The votes have been cast, the ballots have been counted, and the results are in! The 2008 AUSU elections were held March 9 to 12, and results were announced March 13. The new AUSU council will be a dynamic mix of experience and fresh perspectives, with five returning councillors and four other councillors ready to… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Mini Breaks

I’m a little choked another winter has come and (almost) gone without us having had a sun-soaked getaway. We’d been kicking around the idea of returning to a different part of Mexico or perhaps checking out the Dominican Republic, Cuba, or Jamaica. We looked over the Journal?s Saturday travel section, checked online sites, and talked… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Rick Mercer, The Book

Book: Rick Mercer, The Book Publication date: 2007 Publisher: Doubleday Canada, Random House of Canada Limited ?Raven, who had concealed himself among them and heard the council’s plans . . . went to the old woman and told her that the girl wanted her to return the beak to him. Suspecting nothing, the old woman… Read more »

Health Matters – Cholesterol: What You Need to Know

?Cholesterol is a group of lipids known as sterols: a soft waxy substance made in the body for a variety of purposes and also found in animal-derived foods.? from Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies: 9th edition by Frances Sizer and Eleanor Whitney The body needs cholesterol for building cell membranes and in the production of vitamin… Read more »

Did You Know? – The Story Behind the Picture

Next time you visit Athabasca University’s home page, check out the ?I Stand Out? banner at the top of the page. The banner features photos of AU students in their home towns. But did you know the banner is interactive? Click on the banner and you’ll enter a mini site. Along with links to courses,… Read more »

Around AU – AU Editor Rides to Aid Poverty Relief

In June, AU’s Florene Ypma (a course materials editor at AU Central) will join over 200 other cyclists as they cycle across country to battle poverty. The goal is to raise $1.5 million to help aid the world’s poor. The group’s nine-week tour will begin June 28 in Seattle, Washington, and end in Jersey City,… Read more »

From the Gallery – AUSU AGM 2008

On Saturday, March 8, the lines lit up for the 15th annual AUSU Annual General Meeting! Including council, a total of 22 AUSU members dialled in, and the topics ranged from budget issues to online course evaluations. After the agenda and 2007 AGM minutes were approved, the floor was opened for members to discuss the… Read more »

Click On This – Mixmaster

In honour of a new mix of people on the students’ union, this week It’s a mixed bag of links. Hopefully they’ll be equally useful; and, if not, at least entertaining! The Do It Yourself Giallo Generator ?A Glass Eye on the Velvet Tapestry: Directed by Stefano Giocomonte: An American priest finds a human torso… Read more »