Vol. 16 Iss. 29

Volume 16 Issue 29 - 07/25/2008

Editorial – Pet Peeve

Along with the many pleasures that pet ownership brings, life with Fido or Fluffy can be messy. Besides all the training, grooming, hairballs, and muddy paws, there’s another dilemma?what to do when a beloved pet is at death’s door and needs to be euthanized. It’s a situation that Pet Heaven Funeral Services has been helping… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – The New Layman’s Almanac

Book: Jacob McArthur Mooney, The New Layman’s Almanac Publication date: 2008 Publisher: McClelland and Stewart, Toronto Dream in maximums. Hold on to the top rung until the freeze hits- someone will be hiring. They’ll need you to plow snow, break ice. Nothing I could say about survival would impress you. You make soup on a… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Knock, Knock

Lately I’ve been thinking about doors. From a real estate or design perspective clean, eye-catching doors make a great first impression and say come on in. From a retail or business perspective they must be welcoming despite the height chart or security setup attached to them. From an accessibility perspective they must be wide enough… Read more »

Health Matters – Low Back Pain

What is Low Back Pain? Low back pain (LBP) is a common disorder leading to lower back distress. Depending on its clinical manifestations, it can be acute (transient) or chronic (persistent). Generally, acute LBP lasts less than three months. Conversely, chronic LBP lasts longer than three months and is often progressive. LBP is widespread, and… Read more »

Did You Know? – AU Library E-Books

Are you looking for one more reference to take that essay from a B to an A? Need to double check a quotation or page number, but you’ve already returned your books in the mail? Then AU library e-books just might help you find what You’re looking for. Along with all the great resources available… Read more »

Pages – New Fiction Release for Voice Editor

Along with her duties as Managing Editor with The Voice, Sandra Livingston writes in a variety of genres?suspense, literary fiction, and young adult. Recently, one of her novels was acquired by Avalon Books, New York, and published in April. Falwell’s Honor is a historical romance set in the turbulent days of Tudor England as the… Read more »

Education News – Ontario presidents? contracts made public

Contracts reveal big perks for post-secondary elites WATERLOO (CUP) — In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has declared that the full employment details of university presidents across the province must be made public?a decision that has sparked controversy on some campuses. The release of these documents… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Wasting Away

Computers and all those other electronic gizmos are supposed to increase efficiency, helping us get more done while making our days go smoothly. As this week’s column proves, the Internet can certainly make spending a day at the office more enjoyable?although maybe not so efficient. Here are some wonderful time wasters to while away those… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: WestJet disables credit card readers amid fraud concerns – In Foreign News: IOC bans Iraq from Beijing Olympics

At Home: WestJet disables credit card readers amid fraud concerns WestJet passengers arriving at some of Canada’s airports may need to leave a little extra time for checking in and catching their flights. Amid security concerns with the self-serve check-in kiosks, WestJet has disabled the credit card readers on the units, although passengers will still… Read more »