Vol. 16 Iss. 05

Volume 16 Issue 5 - 02/01/2008

Editorial – One Step At a Time

It’s a funny thing about perspective: a little bit can go a long way. Last week, I was struggling with a particularly difficult assignment. It was a critical review of the work of two communication theorists. Interesting stuff (well, okay, maybe not that interesting), but it felt like climbing Everest. After two weeks of wrestling… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Brrrr!

The current bone-shattering cold snap takes me back. Back to my youth when, answering the prayers of children everywhere, schools were closed and buses didn’t run. Later, even when we moved to town, I wouldn’t dream of going to school under those conditions: drifted roads, high wind chills. I always thought it foolish to expect… Read more »

Education News – Prairies push for sustainable campuses

WINNIPEG (CUP) ? Environmentally concerned students from across the Prairies gathered at the University of Saskatchewan for the region’s first Sustainable Campuses Conference, hosted by the Sierra Youth Coalition, to shine a light on how students can influence climate change. ?Fundamentally, we have to look at climate change as a human rights issue,? said Rosa… Read more »

Hair Brain Scheme 2008 Fundraiser!

Circle April 5 on your calendar, and plan to come out and support AU’s own Bonnie Nahornick as she shaves her head (for the fourth time!) in aid of two good causes: the event will raise funds for the Alzheimer Society, and Bonnie’s hair will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Her co-worker Aretha Smith… Read more »

From the Gallery – Highs and Lows

The past week has been a time of surprises. Perhaps the most amazing news is on the AUSU election front. As the AUSU website has announced, nominations opened January 9?and the response has been unprecedented. In past elections, the usual number of candidates has been around 15. So far (and with nominations still open) the… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Passerby finds baby abandoned in Toronto stairwell – In Foreign News: Snowstorms in China leave millions stranded

At Home: Passerby finds baby abandoned in Toronto stairwell A woman in a Toronto parking garage thought she was walking by a doll abandoned in a freezing stairwell?until the bundle started to cry. The tiny figure turned out to be an eight-month-old baby girl, and police have now released photos showing an adult deliberately leaving… Read more »

A Click of the Wrist – Let It Snow

Amid the snow and slush of winter, It’s easy to feel as if You’re in the only place on earth dealing with cold, ice, and freezing winds. Here are astonishing pictures of wild weather?and its aftermath?from around the world that might make you feel a little better. Unless, of course, you live in one of… Read more »