Vol. 16 Iss. 06

Volume 16 Issue 6 - 02/08/2008

Editorial – Moral Authority

Every day we trust our lives, health, finances, and myriad other aspects of life to professionals. We visit the doctor; we trust that police, firefighters, and EMTs will be there when needed. In short, we trust these professionals? skills and put our faith in the authority their unique talents bring them. But should we also… Read more »

From Where I Sit – This Just In

This just in: Jerry Seinfeld was spotted carrying Suri’s diaper bag. Suri is, of course, TomKat’s daughter. (And if you don’t know who TomKat is, sorry, I just can’t help you.) John Travolta is sporting a new short haircut. Rumours had been swirling all week that Brad and Angelina would show up at the Super… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Sam Baker, Pretty World

CD: Sam Baker, Pretty World Release date: 2007 Label: BlueLimeStone Publishing Produced by Walt Wilkins and Tim Lorsch of Bull Creek Productions In Pretty World Sam Baker presents us with a grittily beatific vision of the saints and sinners of Texas, which turns out to be a rich microcosm of the world at large. Kudos… Read more »

The Learning Curve – Forward Motion

I’m going to take a diversion in this column to tell you about a friend of ours. His name is Peter. He owned a business called Gabriola Cycle and Kayak; it was one of the original kayak companies in British Columbia. He ran kayak trips to the Broken Islands, Queen Charlottes, and Baja, Mexico. But… Read more »

Milk-Crate Bandit – The Internet is Slowly Killing Everyone

Once upon a time, in ancient days gone by, there was no awesome beast called Internet. It was a pretty cool time full of barbarians and wizards and lots of Manowar. There were books instead of blogs, gramophones instead of MP3s, and duels instead of school bombings. People understood things and talked with each other… Read more »

AU Profiles – E. Wayne Benedict

STUDENT: E. Wayne Benedict How did Athabasca University help turn a locomotive engineer into a labour lawyer? In this week’s profile, E. Wayne Benedict, a 2006 graduate of AU’s Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations (B.HRLR) program, talks about how his initial desire to upgrade his skills eventually turned into a law degree. He… Read more »

Hair Brain Scheme 2008 Fundraiser!

Circle April 5 on your calendar, and plan to come out and support AU’s own Bonnie Nahornick as she shaves her head (for the fourth time!) in aid of two good causes: the event will raise funds for the Alzheimer Society, and Bonnie’s hair will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Her co-worker Aretha Smith… Read more »

Education News – BC NDP launch affordable education plan

VICTORIA (CUP) ? British Columbia’s provincial NDP released their plan to make education more affordable on January 24, but the governing Liberals aren’t keen to listen. With the average BC student debt upon graduation of a four-year program at $27,000, NDP Advanced Education critic Rob Fleming hopes to help students lower their debt upon graduation…. Read more »

A Great Combination: AUSU Provides Locks at Learning Centres

When students arrive to write their exams at the Calgary or Edmonton Learning Centres, they’re often surprised to find that all belongings?including valuables such as laptops?must be left outside the exam area. Until a couple of years ago, this wasn’t a problem: AU provided locks for securing valuables. But too often, students never returned the… Read more »

Click On This – Listomania

I like to make lists. It started a long time ago with a little personal game a friend of mine was very fond of, and escalated bizarrely. Here, for your pleasure, are some collections of lists about all manner of things. 30 Things You Can Do With a Dollar I’ve often wondered what people did… Read more »