Vol. 16 Iss. 09

Volume 16 Issue 9 - 02/29/2008

Editorial – Dear Miss Rose

Dear Miss Rose, I hate to ruin a lovely friendship, but the time has come that something must be said. At first, I tried to be understanding. You’re just a poor gal out there trying to make a buck, and even though I was suspicious of your motives, I held out hope that you were… Read more »

From Where I Sit – A Simple Fix

On more than one occasion I’ve used this space to gush about the joy and benefits of reading. I’ve talked about the fact I read anytime and anyplace. I read for pleasure, for personal development, and for career advancement. I read magazines, books, and online content. I read billboards, product boxes, signs, license plates, stationary… Read more »

AU Profiles – Kate Slivko

STUDENT: Kate Slivko This week, we focus on Kate Slivko, a student taking Athabasca University classes for her medical school prerequisites. Kate, who emigrated to the U.S. from Russia when she was 16, moved to Alberta after college in anticipation of applying to medical school there. She talks about why she chose AU’s unclassified option… Read more »

Cultural Mosaic – A New Day: The Celebration of Norooz

Canada is a multicultural nation that celebrates many different cultural, religious, and spiritual events. An important Persian festival is Norooz, or ?New Day? in Farsi. It is an ancient, traditional, and vibrant celebration that occurs annually in many parts of the world. In harmony with the rebirth of nature, the Persian New Year celebration arrives… Read more »

Milk-Crate Bandit – My Fate to Hate

In the future according to Star Trek, we’ll see loads of spandex, holograms, and things made out of dilithium. Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly depicts a world where hoverboards and dating your own mom are accessible commodities. My dream of days to come is a humbler one that plants its roots firmly in the… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Alberta votes 2008 – In Foreign News: Norway opens Arctic seed vault to preserve crop diversity from climate change and war

At Home: Alberta votes 2008 On March 3, Albertans are due to hit the polls again and ultimately to elect Progressive Conservative leader Ed Stelmach. Let’s face it, Alberta isn’t known for its close political races. The only real excitement this time around comes from the Edmonton-Castle Downs race, where in 2004 Progressive Conservative candidate… Read more »

Click On This – Benden Fold

It’s a deceptively simplistic art, creating such beauty from a little piece of paper; but there is so much more to it than might first appear. This week it’s a foray into the delicate world of origami?with a twist. Brian’s Origami Page A truly delightful collection of animal, insect, and other shapes to tempt your… Read more »

Education News – Quebec caps ancillary fee increases

MONTREAL (CUP) — The Quebec Ministry of Education has announced a proposal to regulate ancillary fees, hoping to empower students by allowing them to accept or reject fee hikes at the province’s universities. The announcement comes after years of student lobbying for government regulation of drastic increases to the fees, which are above and beyond… Read more »