Vol. 17 Iss. 01

Volume 17 Issue 1 - 01/09/2009

Editorial – A Feast of Hypocrisy

This editorial originally appeared April 4, 2008, in issue 1614. Let’s get this straight: this is not a pro-seal hunt piece. Nor is it anti-sealing. Instead, It’s a question. A question that I don’t have the answer to, but one that, amid the rhetoric and heated emotions swirling (as they do every year) like a… Read more »

Everything I Should Know Now, I Used To Know When I Was Two

This article originally appeared September 12, 2008, in issue 1636. There’s a certain class of people?a group That’s courageous, honest, earnest, creative, and sensitive?that universally faces cruel discrimination. Instead of being perceptive of their high emotional needs, appreciative of their fresh and honest take on life, and tolerant of their creative and intellectual pursuits, we… Read more »

Do Not Go Gentle: My Grandmother’s Rage

This article originally appeared January 25, 2008, in issue 1604. ?What am I to do now?? This has become my grandmother’s refrain. It was shocking when I saw her again after she had been moved from the Alzheimer’s care centre to the nursing home. My mother had tried to warn me, but I was still… Read more »

The Voice Best of 2008

Welcome to The Voice Magazine’s Best of 2008 issue! Each year, we take a look back at some of the outstanding writing we’ve published during the past 12 months, and this issue had plenty to choose from. You’ll find your regular favourites here, including ?From Where I Sit,? a column That’s been offering Hazel Anaka’s… Read more »

AU Profiles – Sara Windross

STUDENT: Sara Windross This article originally appeared November 14, 2008, in issue 1644. Athabasca University students come to the ?classroom? with different life situations and different challenges. First-year Bachelor of Arts in Humanities student Sara Windross’s particular challenge is studying while dealing with cerebral palsy. But despite any difficulties her condition has sent her way,… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Sam Baker, Pretty World

This column originally appeared February 8, 2008, in issue 1606. CD: Sam Baker, Pretty World Release date: 2007 Label: BlueLimeStone Publishing Produced by Walt Wilkins and Tim Lorsch of Bull Creek Productions In Pretty World Sam Baker presents us with a grittily beatific vision of the saints and sinners of Texas, which turns out to… Read more »

Porkpie Hat – How You Can (Accidentally) Become an Artist

This column originally appeared September 19, 2008, in issue 1637. One day You’re in the classroom, in the fifth grade maybe, and you spend too long staring out the window. You notice the flickering light of an approaching storm, the faces of angels or gargoyles rising and falling in a cauldron of clouds. You turn… Read more »

From Where I Sit – If Only It Was Hair in the Drain

This column originally appeared June 20, 2008, in issue 1625. Thursday night Roy was shaving before a late shower. Before long, with the air of a beaten man, he announced the sink wouldn’t drain. We assumed the culprit was hair in the trap. Removing all the products under the sink, finding an ice cream pail… Read more »

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Learner

This article originally appeared August 22, 2008, in issue 1633. The time on the computer screen reads 11:18 p.m., and the loneliness sets in. (In truth, the accuracy of this time is questionable as my computer is often many hours ahead, and the date setting is often many years behind; 1982, to be exact.) Regardless… Read more »

Slice of Life – Goodnight, My Love

This article originally appeared March 21, 2008, in issue 1612. He sat in the corner of the room, looking out the window. From his hospital bed he could see the crimson leaves waiting to drop to the ground. It was late fall and he knew this would be his last season on this earth. Though… Read more »

Fiction – Ante Up

This article originally appeared April 18, 2008, in issue 1616. They sat and played their game in a bright and busy park; the old men could always be found there when the weather was good. The game changed from time to time, sometimes rummy or crib or euchre, but they liked poker most of all… Read more »

Life Amongst the Bougainvillea

This article originally appeared July 18, 2008, in issue 1628. In Tegucigalpa, summer lies over the palm-shrouded streets like a blanket some torpid god has thrown carelessly upon the slovenly city. The courtyard’s metal gate crackles when opened. It’s early in the a.m. The day’s heat will build, until my nostrils fill with a metallic… Read more »

Crossing the Floor

This article originally appeared July 4, 2008, in issue 1627. Now, we all have the right to change our minds. I do it frequently. I like a nice, fresh mind, with an ocean scent and clean sheets. Presumably, changing my mind harms no one except me, and possibly a few of my friends, and perhaps… Read more »