Vol. 17 Iss. 32

Volume 17 Issue 32 - 08/21/2009

Words – John Fox, Part I

A certified poetry therapist, John Fox is a poet and author of Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity through Poem-Making and Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making. John conducts ongoing poetry groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an international leader in the movement of poetry therapy as… Read more »

Anti-Social Networking

On Thursday, August 6, the social networking world was rocked: Twitter was down for two full hours. So life-altering was the denial-of-service attack against the micro-blogging site that the Wall Street Journal (the Wall Street Freakin? Journal) published articles on not only Twitter’s outage (and Facebook’s similar disruptions) but also interviewed celebrities on what the… Read more »

AUSU This Month – Annual AGM Held; Media Committee Started

Annual AGM Held As you probably already know from the AGM Report put out by the Voice, AUSU held its annual general meeting on March 23, 2009. In that meeting a number of important revisions to the definitions of AUSU membership occurred, to make sure that the Councillors you elect are able to represent you… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Reminders

This week, voyeurs and the naturally curious will get an insider’s look at my office and with it some insight into one woman’s life. Are those shrieks of excitement or wails of protest? My office is nine by 11 with a red oak laminate floor. The room has a large east-facing window with a sheer… Read more »

AU Options – University Certificate in Accounting

Students looking to begin a career in accounting, or pursue further education in the field, may find that AU’s University Certificate in Accounting is an option worth investigating. In the last year, approximately three hundred and fifty students have applied for this 30-credit program which, according to the AU calendar, has been ?designed for students… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Gregory Pepper, Part I

Gregory Pepper is a Guelph-based visual artist as well as a writer and singer of deliciously gloomy experimental songs. He is now on tour to promote his latest CD, With Trumpets Flaring (soon to be reviewed in The Mindful Bard). Recently Gregory took the time to answer some of Wanda Waterman St. Louis’s questions. Getting… Read more »

Did You Know? – Science Labs

Most AU students are familiar with the university’s excellent library services, but unless You’re a Science student you may not be aware of another great resource That’s available: the science labs. AU ?provides facilities in which to complete all compulsory labs in-person in Athabasca,? and some lab sessions can be organized so students can complete… Read more »

Around AU – Exam Request Deadlines Changed

September brings changes for all students heading back to school?and this year, there’s an important change that AU students need to know about. Effective September 1, the exam request policy will change, and that means new deadlines for arranging exams. Requests for invigilated exams inside Canada and the US must now be made 20 calendar… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Federal government urges schools and daycares to prepare for H1N1 – In Foreign News: UK grant will aid 600,000 Bangladesh school children

At Home: Federal government urges schools and daycares to prepare for H1N1 As Canada’s schools and daycares get ready for the September rush, the federal government is urging them to be prepared for a possible second outbreak of the swine flu, also known as H1N1. Among other recommendations, the government is advising school officials to… Read more »