Vol. 17 Iss. 45

Volume 17 Issue 45 - 11/27/2009


AU students are no strangers to new technology. Whether they’re submitting assignments in Moodle, ordering library resources online, or getting together in the AUSU Discussion Forums, ?virtual? connections form a big part of their day. One AU student has taken that experience a step further: Fred St. Peter is part of the team behind the… Read more »

Dear Barb – Friendship Isn’t an Obligation

Dear Barb: I’ve been reading your column regularly but have never read of a dilemma like mine. I have a friend that I’ve talked to from time to time through the years. We never had much in common, but I managed to maintain somewhat of a relationship with her. Problems began a few years back… Read more »

From Where I Sit – The Task is Huge

After an absence of 10 years I’m back on the public library board in Andrew. That obligation means, among other things, manning the library for a couple of hours Tuesday evenings. My turn rolls around every two months. The procedural stuff came back during an orientation. The other things include meetings, fundraising, and increasing awareness… Read more »

AU Options – Learning French, Part I

Fluency in both of Canada’s official languages is becoming increasingly more common. The ability to speak French has even become a skill necessary to attain many jobs. How is language-learning experienced at a distance, though? Are AU French classes comparable to those found in ?regular? brick-and-mortar universities? Dr. Vina Tirven-Gadum, Assistant Professor of French Language… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Rita Shelby, Part II

Rita Shelby is a Los Angeles-based jazz singer-songwriter known as much for her wisdom and indomitable spirit as she is for her incredible voice and brilliantly written songs. She recently released the CD A Date With a Song (soon to be recommended in The Mindful Bard), for which she wrote melodies and lyrics and for… Read more »

Did You Know? – CanLearn

Pursuing your education can be a complicated (if exciting) venture: choosing a university, filling out enrolment forms, picking classes. And It’s even more daunting if You’re trying to navigate the complex world of student loans. If You’re new to the process (or still wondering if student loans are right for you), CanLearn is a government… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Smokin?

To most of us, smoke is annoying. It stinks up your clothes, pollutes the air, and sets off the smoke detector when you burn the toast. But to some people, It’s a work of art. This week, we take a look at the unexpected beauty of smoke. Smoke Art If these images are any indication,… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Blind sled dog ready to retire – In Foreign News: Camden plans ?naked? streets to reduce accidents

At Home: Blind sled dog ready to retire It’s not unusual that Isobel, a husky-cross sled dog, is ready for retirement. She’s nine years old, a standard age for sled-dog retirement. What is unusual is that Isobel is blind?and She’s been running that way for the past five years. As the CBC reports, Isobel ?staggered… Read more »