Vol. 17 Iss. 09

Volume 17 Issue 9 - 03/06/2009

On the Hill – Bring in the Clowns

Our court jesters, from Rick Mercer to Jon Stewart and beyond, serve society well. They dare to expose the imperfections of the court, pointing out when the emperor’s pants have fallen down?or when he isn’t wearing any at all. Admittedly, the joke sometimes backfires, as in the recent shambles of a mock interview by Geri… Read more »

Music To Eat Lunch To – Sammy Hagar: Cosmic Universal Fashion

Release date: November 18, 2008 Label: Loud and Proud Tracks: 10 Rating: 4 Sammy Hagar’s Cosmic Universal Fashion was released near the end of last year to follow a long career of both solo and collaborative work by the singer, songwriter, musician, and star. Hagar has enjoyed fame and musical popularity since his affiliation with… Read more »

Porkpie Hat – Ex Machina

Whether he met his end through mischief or dementia is anybody’s guess. I suppose we shouldn’t really have been surprised. After all, he spent so much of the time off in his own little world, anyway. It was as though he was, at any moment, on the verge of disappearing. Always staring out the window,… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Lo Siento

?Buenos días, Señora Rivera,? I said one morning last week when my co-worker came in to work. This isn’t quite as bizarre as it may seem at first blush. Mrs. Rivera is Mexican, my colleague, and my Spanish instructor. Hey, at that point I already had two hours of instruction under my belt. I have… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Fugitive Pieces

DVD: Fugitive Pieces Theatrical release: May 2, 2008 DVD Release: October 14, 2008 Starring: Stephen Dillane, Rade Sherbedgia, Rosamund Pike, Ayelet Zurer Produced by Robert Lantos, Serendipity Point Films. Written and directed by Jeremy Podeswa. Based on the novel by Anne Michaels. Instructions on Living, from the World of the Dead ?I did not witness… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Andy Flinn of T@b, Part II

T@b is a Nova Scotia-based folk-jazz duo (comprising Ariana Nasr and Andy Flinn) that writes fiendishly clever songs to wizardly accompaniment and engages its audiences in mesmerizing performances. They’ve also made a name for themselves as music promoters, offering local musicians a venue in Night Kitchen, their weekly variety show in Wolfville, and the AMP… Read more »

AU Profiles – Natalie Parnell

STUDENT: Natalie Parnell In 2003, Natalie Parnell graduated from Athabasca University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Five and a half years later, She’s back for more! The student from Timmins, Ontario, explains how she initially chose distance education, and why, several years and a second bachelor’s degree later, She’s decided to return to… Read more »

Education News – Report pushes 25% tuition hike

TORONTO (CUP) ? ?It’s a recession when your neighbour loses his job; It’s a depression when you lose yours,? US President Truman once quipped. So what’s it called when you can’t afford the education you need to get that job in the first place? Massive tuition fee increases will likely be necessary over the next… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Colour My World

Crayons are a little like paper clips: one of those everyday objects that are so familiar they’re often overlooked. These artists saw something more in those coloured sticks of wax, though?and their creations speak for themselves. Amazing Crayon Art Artist Christian Faur creates intricate images with crayons. But he doesn’t colour with them. Instead, he… Read more »

Did You Know? – Join the Club

If You’re looking for ways to connect with your fellow AU students, AUSU Clubs and Social Groups are a perfect place to start. Club members ?interact through websites and discussion forums, while social groups meet in cities around the world and have forums to keep in touch.? Current clubs include AUGSS (AU Gay Students? Society),… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Website exposes tenants? private data – In Foreign News: Finland building self-heating homes

At Home: Website exposes tenants? private data When the director of a tenants? hotline in Toronto was asked to help with a dispute, he discovered that not only was the client’s personal information available on the Internet?so were private details about nearly 1,400 other tenants in the city. Geordie Dent, director of the tenant hotline… Read more »