Vol. 18 Iss. 01

Volume 18 Issue 1 - 01/08/2010

On the Hill – Lest We Forget

This item originally appeared March 27, 2009, in issue 1712. As the Globe and Mail pointed out this week, Canadian taxpayers ?shelled out nearly $270,000? last July for the change-of-command ceremony that bid farewell to General Rick Hillier, the country’s former chief of defence. Details of the expenses include $4,035 for a 21-gun salute, $23,101… Read more »

The Voice Best of 2009

Welcome to The Voice Magazine‘s Best of 2009 issue! Each year we take a look back at some of the outstanding writing we’ve published during the past 12 months, and this issue had plenty to choose from. Regular Voice readers will enjoy selections from favourites such as ?The Mindful Bard,? where Wanda Waterman St. Louis… Read more »

Fiction – Meghann and Fiona

This item originally appeared April 3, 2009, in issue 1713. ?There’s culture on the streets too,? Fiona said defensively. ?You don’t need to be in f-ing Carnegie Hall to hear Ginsberg echo off the walls. He was ours long before he was yours.? She stood tall, erect, and full of mock grandeur. ?I have seen… Read more »

Have Tickets, Won’t Travel

This feature originally appeared September 18, 2009, in issue 1735. What has two legs and flies? If I can possibly help it, the answer is ?Not me.? As far as I’m concerned, the age of air travel is officially over. It’s just not fun anymore. It starts when you walk in the airport and see… Read more »

On Assault (as Committed by a Two-Year-Old)

This feature originally appeared May 15, 2009, in issue 1719. In all my time spent as a childcare worker, I had never received a parent complaint about my performance. Not until near the end of my childcare career, that is, when the father of a child in my care lodged a complaint against both my… Read more »

Love: Made for TV?

This feature originally appeared October 9, 2009, in issue 1738. Hollywood runs on love. Every TV show and movie involves some kind of romantic entanglement and every magazine cover is flooded with photos of happy and not-so-happy couples. Considering that all I know of romantic love comes from what I’ve seen in the movies and… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – The Ballad of Stompin? Tom

This column originally appeared August 14, 2009, in issue 1731. CD: Stompin? Tom Connors, The Ballad of Stompin? Tom Label: EMI Release date: 2009 Still Putting a Boot Through the Floors of Those Who Will Not Hear ?Then came Sudbury Saturday night, at the Gumboot Cloggeroo They made me the Chairman of the Board, ?til… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Just for Today

This column originally appeared May 29, 2009, in issue 1721 Anyone (and everyone) with email has received inspirational, motivational, tear-jerking pieces that tug at the heart strings. Often there is music or poignant images. Way too often there is the exhortation to send this along to ten or 12 people in the next seven minutes…. Read more »

Dear Barb – Different Worlds Can Find Harmony

This column originally appeared October 30, 2009, in issue 1741. Dear Barb: I am a professional woman in my mid-thirties. I am single but would like to find the right guy and settle down and have a family. Recently I began dating a really nice man who is divorced and has two children. We have… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Alex Kajumulo, Part I

This article originally appeared November 6, 2009, in issue 1742. Alex Kajumulo is a Seattle-based recording artist and producer at Babukaju Records. His song ?Maza Africa? was a finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition. His songs and live performances are vibrant and joyful celebrations of love and justice. Kajumulo freely mixes musical genres in… Read more »

AU Profiles – Eloise Campbell

STUDENT: Eloise Campbell This profile originally appeared February 13, 2009, in issue 1706. When her boyfriend?now fiancĂ©?took a teaching job in Nunavut, Athabasca University student Eloise Campbell moved from Moncton, New Brunswick, to a remote northern community of 350 on the shores of Hudson Bay. A huge culture shock? Definitely. But according to her, absolutely… Read more »

The Blue Screen of Death

This article originally appeared April 10, 2009, in issue 1714. I know the signs; I’ve seen them before. In the beginning the hints are subtle; there are slight hesitations before agreeing to do as I ask. The hesitations last no longer than the taking of a deep breath, but they seem to last for an… Read more »

AU Options – Master of Arts-Integrated Studies

This article originally appeared October 23, 2009, in issue 1740. Athabasca University’s Master of Arts – Integrated Studies (MAIS) degree offers ?a unique opportunity to engage in a program of study that spans the arts, humanities, and social sciences,? and allows students to design their own learning plan which is ?comprehensive in scope but specific… Read more »

Eras in Education – Muses and Modernity

This article originally appeared July 10, 2009, in issue 1727. Education has existed for as long as people have been raised by their elders. The idea of formal schooling goes back thousands of years, yet school as a mandatory part of growing up is a recent phenomenon. For instance, many of us know of or… Read more »

Drive-Through Decorum

This article originally appeared April 24, 2009, in issue 1716. Am I correct in thinking that in 2009 there is nothing common about courtesy? Like most of you, I am a dedicated distance learner transitioning from part-time to full-time studies. To make it happen, I left a full-time corporate career for a part-time cafĂ© career…. Read more »