Vol. 18 Iss. 26

Volume 18 Issue 26 - 07/02/2010

So Long, Farewell

I’ve never jumped off a cliff, but as I write this I’m pretty sure I know what that sensation would be like. The cautious approach to the edge, sizing up the situation. The prevarication involved in weighing the pros and cons (and deciding just how crazy one has to be to jump). Then the mix… Read more »

Hello, Goodbye

This week, AU is holding its first?and possibly only?summer recess. While the break is just one week long, it is something we are not used to: a tangible shift between school years that brings a sense of renewal as we look forward to the influx of fall students. (we’ll overlook, for the moment, the financial… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Best-Laid Plans

A few days ago, I returned from a week-long getaway at Canmore, Alberta’s Falcon Crest. The plans had been made 10 months ago. It was to have been after seeding of the crops was complete so Roy could attend, too. What we didn’t factor in was the spraying. With crops (and weeds!) growing like crazy… Read more »

AUSU Update – Convocation 2010; AUSU Executive Election

Convocation 2010 AUSU wishes to congratulate this year’s graduates, whether attending Convocation in person or by distance. We wish you the best of luck in your future pursuits. You are an inspiration to all AU students! AUSU Executive Election AUSU has recently held its internal election for the Executive. We wish to congratulate Barbara Rielly… Read more »

Gregor’s Bed – Cybiont, Angels & Demons

Cybiont, Angels & Demons 2010 Musical Bricolage as Metaphor ?You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’? George Bernard Shaw ?don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Home Routes, Part II

Home Routes is an exciting, new non-profit initiative creating music events that benefit musicians, consumers, communities, and the earth. Recently, Home Routes volunteer coordinator Ali Hancharyk took the time to answer some questions from Wanda Waterman St. Louis. The Musicians The response from musicians has been tremendous. One of our most successful tours was with… Read more »

Athabasca University Closed June 28 – July 4

AU has announced that the university will be closed during the week of June 28, although some key services will be available. According to the AU website, the closure is necessary to help balance the budget and is scheduled ?during a reduced period of activity,? which should allow for the least impact on students. The… Read more »

Did You Know? – Changes to myAU Student Portal Login

If You’re an AU student who regularly uses the myAU portal, you’ll notice a small change to the login page soon. AU has announced that, beginning July 7, ?the existing top field entitled ?User ID:? will now be changed to ?AU Student / User ID:?” The updated wording is meant to improve usability and will… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – World Cup

Soccer, football, or any name you call it: World Cup mania is reaching all corners of the globe. With the quarter- and semi-finals beginning shortly, It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. This week’s links take us from the history of soccer to the present day, and give us a glimpse of… Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Shoplifters get hit in the wallet – In Foreign News: Today’s college students get failing grade in empathy

At Home: Shoplifters get hit in the wallet When shoplifters steal goods, they might get away scot-free but somebody always pays. Now, some retailers are putting the high cost of shoplifting right back where it belongs: on the thieves. As the CBC reports, one young shoplifter recently found out the hard way that stores are… Read more »